AuthorTony Boydell

One of StarCityGames.com's oldest writers (though not in terms of age, though perhaps he is), Tony Boydell delights in writing about the strangest bits of Magic play.

Theo-logy Plus

Tony does his usual mix of tricks and poetry, by providing a Seussian lament about “The Prat With The Mat” before launching into an elaborate wordplay puzzle that asks you whether you can figure out the names of Magic cards, encoded cunningly in a Da Vinci-style fashion! And if you can, you might win some foil Ravnica rares!

A Huff And A Puff

Want a list of all the high-quality Magic: The Gathering Telephone Erotica numbers? Tony Boydell is here to make all of your filthiest Magic fantasies come true….

The Metamorphosis (With Apologies To Kafka)

In classic literature, when Gregor Samsa awoke from anxious dreams, he discovered that he had been changed into a verminous bug. But in the hands of eccentric British Magic writer Tony Boydell, Gregor Samsa becomes something else entirely, in a strange and somehow touching tale of Magic struggle.

The Return of the Native

One of the prodigal sons of StarCityGames.com returns! Tony, one of the quirkiest Magic writers to cross the path of this hallowed game, has returned to the pages of StarCity after a four-year absence… And roars straight back into form with a listing of the strangest moments in Magic history!

Come Into The Garden, Maude

Enter! in welcome, attend!

Come! Make ingress

to my gardens and feel

(full in the chops)

the gusty wind-whips and the hot-throbbing sun-pulses (south-facing).

Rather Light A Candle Than Complain About The Darkness

The current writing metagame is heavily weighted towards angst; with the mantle of ‘Issue Boy’ now vacated, it seems that all and sundry have picked up their angry pens and let themselves go like some kind of ventriloquist with their arms up a Rizzo doll.

Jilted John

Following the events of the last few weeks (and the fantastic amount of column space dedicated to the departure of one of our communities shining stars), I have decided not to give up Magic – both as a player and as a writer.

Mana Mia!

An excerpt from the latest Magic-Man-About-Town Magazine, it shows several of the latest clubs abroad! As usual, if you’re easily offended by near-psychotic English humour, stay away….

Suffering Suck-O-‘Tache (Part One)

Ah, but it’s that time of year again – is it really a year since my esteemed pal and patisserie-obsessed compadre Gabriel Minty-Fresh Gung-Ho Margerine-Soaked Sneeep provided his own vision of all things Planeshift?

Fat Goose

Why play the game as it comes out of the box, when you can play with the idea of the game? That’s way too daft a question, so let us get the heck on with it!

Book Of Records

Prof. Sneeeeep fills us in on some of the world’s greatest Magic records. As usual, he’s offensive, so no whining if you click the link!