Every Card From Disney Lorcana Shimmering Skies Revealed (So Far)

Every card and product from Disney Lorcana Shimmering Skies in one place!

Disney’s first major foray into the trading card game (TCG) space, Disney Lorcana features an immersive world where players take on the role of powerful mages known as Illumineers. In your journey, you’ll utilize six types of magical ink that bring iconic Disney heroes, villains, songs, and items to life.

Shimmering Skies Backstory

Shimmering Skies is Disney Lorcana’s fifth set and features characters from Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, The Emperor’s New Groove, Moana, and more.

New Mechanics

Coming soon!

Below you’ll find each card previewed from Shimmering Skies and information on the set’s various products. Be sure to bookmark this article for quick reference!








Booster Packs and Boxes

  • 6 common cards
  • 3 uncommon cards
  • 2 rare, super rare, or legendary cards
  • 1 foil card (random rarity level)

Starter Decks

  • 1 Preconstructed deck of 60 cards, including 2 foil cards of the characters on the package front
  • 11 Game tokens
  • 1 Quick Start Rulebook
  • 1 Booster pack containing 12 randomized cards

Illumineer’s Trove

  • 1 Card storage box
  • 6 Card Dividers
  • 8 Booster packs of 12 additional game cards each
  • 6 Damage-counter dice
  • 1 Lore counter

Sleeves, Deckboxes, and Portfolios

Disney Lorcana Shimmering Skies is scheduled to release in local game stores August 9 and August 23 everywhere else.

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