Every Card Revealed (So Far) From Flesh And Blood Rosetta

Check out each card from Flesh and Blood’s 14th expansion Rosetta!

Flesh and Blood, a classic TCG from Legend Story Studios, is a game that revolves around powerful heroes, equipped with mighty weapons and equipment, battling it out in the arena with a wide range of skills and abilities. The heroes come from many classes ranging from Warrior, Wizard, Brute, Guardian, Assassin, Illusionist, Ninja, Ranger, Mechanologist, Runeblade, and more, with some utilizing special talents that separate them from the other heroes in their class. Unlike other TCGs that start the game with players at their weakest, Flesh and Blood begins with heroes at their strongest with access to their most powerful attacks.

Rosetta Backstory

Rosetta will be the game’s 14th expansion and bring players back to the beautiful world of Aria — a mythical sanctuary deep in the dense undergrowth where the forces of Earth and Lightning converge. The Rosetta mourn the passing of the Queen of Candlehold and friends from across Aria journey to pay their respects. The Elemental talents of Earth and Lightning are back as this all-arcane set introduces four new heroes (two Wizards and two Runeblades).

Players can learn more about the lore of Aria on the Flesh and Blood World of Rathe page for it. Rosetta is scheduled to release on September 20.

Key Dates

  • Preview Season: August 27-30
  • World Premiere: Tampa Bay: September 6
  • Calling: Tampa Bay (Rosetta limited): September 7-8
  • Pre-Release Events: September 13-16
  • Release Day: September 20
  • Play Day Events: September 20-22

Elemental Runeblade

Elemental Wizard

Earth Runeblade

Earth Wizard


Lightning Wizard


Set And Booster Pack Information

  • Set code: ROS
  • Available languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
  • 16 cards per pack, 24 packs per display, 4 displays per case
  • 258* card set (1 Fabled, 5 Legendary, 49 Majestic, 57 Rare, 128 Common, 14 Token, 24 Marvels)
  • Release Celebration Promos: 8 iconic cards from Rosetta available in extended art rainbow foil from eligible stores while stocks last.

Blitz Decks

Blitz deck offerings for Rosetta will have two options, one for English language printings and another for Japanese language printings. The Blitz decks printed in Japanese will be the usual format of 40 card-decks that include a hero, weapon, equipment, and tokens cards. (Each deck contains a rainbow foil hero card and non-foil extended art cards exclusive to that deck).

For English printings, the Blitz decks will be included in a Collection Box (including one of each deck), two Rosetta booster packs, and a Seed of Candlehold playmat.

Rosetta is scheduled to release on September 20.