AuthorTony Boydell

One of StarCityGames.com's oldest writers (though not in terms of age, though perhaps he is), Tony Boydell delights in writing about the strangest bits of Magic play.

The Road To Hell

Stop what you’re doing and read this now! You could be damning yourself to eternal torments! Click this link and SAVE YOUR SOUL!

Use It Up And Wear It Out

Tony gets serious for a moment about tragedy – and then returns to form for his nominations on the best and worst Odyssey cards.

Oblique Strategies

A contest for an Urza’s Rage amongst Brian Eno snipes, children’s rhymes, an IBC rant, and the usual mass of strangeness. What else can we say?


How can you turn Clue, Monopoly, Tarot Cards, and other assorted miscellany into Magic-related funfests?


An epitaph for the rock singer Stangg, more cheap Magic, and sexy card names that the editor didn’t even catch!