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It’s Not Sheila, But… Nah. Not Even Close.

Wait, didn’t you, uh, quit? Yep. Still am, too. But dude… States. Like I’m gonna miss States. Prereleases come and go with nary a concern, but States is like, something, well, that I just plain ain’t gonna miss. Even if everyone is still mad at me for not lettin’ the door hit me where the Good Lord split me.

Yawgmoth’s Whimsy #52: Enchantments Almost Good Enough For States

I have a couple of really good decks – decks that almost work well enough for eight rounds of Swiss and a Top 8.
In each case, the decks revolve around an enchantment that is pretty solid and does a very good job of controlling the game if you get it in play and keep it there. However, that’s a good description of Opposition as well – and Opposition decks run much better searching and card drawing.

How To Get A Charge Out Of Life

“But, Chris,” you say,”I have some extra money that my grandmother sent me for my birthday, and I’d really like to spend it on a Beast deck with a ton of rares in it. What do I do?” Well, first off, you have to realize that, while I can hear my Self when I talk to my Self, I can’t hear you when you talk to me. Unless you got my phone number. Which would be a great trick, since I don’t have a phone.

CASUAL FRIDAYS #148: Closing Thoughts

Anthony looks back at the Hall, and tells you all how to graduate with honors from the Along School Of Multiplayer Magic…. Or he would, if you ever graduated. Also included: The entire Hall, sortable across colors and types!

Bringing Astroglide Into The Real World With A Better Sideboard

So Astroglide won a Masters tourney… But the problem with e-league is that the Wishes are banned. And the problem with a Wish-less metagame is it features a total of zero good Wake decks, and only one or two even remotely good blue-based control decks. What you end up with is a bunch of U/G decks, goblin Sligh by the boatload, a handful of MBC, and maybe a bit of G/x aggro. Astroglide ownz deez. But how can we make it competitive for the real world?

FINAL JUDGMENT: States 2002 Rulings

Sheldon wraps up the relevant rulings on cards he’s pretty sure you’ll see at States! Check here before you to go make sure you don’t get cheesed out thanks to your misunderstanding!

And remember, Sheldie sez: If you’re not sure, call a judge!

Double Or Nothing: Who Stole My Snake?

To dream the impossible dream…. Jim takes Sheng Hsun Hsai’s Taipei-winning Hunting Grounds deck and attempts to transform it into a new Standard Control deck. But we gotta be honest, Jim… Without the Snake, you’re battling uphill….

Mixed kNuts: High States Poker

For the last four weeks, I have been stuffing myself with States information, and now I’ve reached my limit. I can’t hold any more tech; therefore, I’m going to turn purge mode: on and spew forth everything that I’ve learned in the last four weeks. Plus, some strange Finnish guy called”Tomi” emailed me to tell me what changes he’d be making to his Punisher build in light of Pyroclasms. But man, can you really listen to a guy who came in a paltry second place at the Invitational?

The Unspectacular Rotation

I haven’t yet had time to read the Onslaught spoiler. Usually, I print the new spoiler and take it around with me to read in my spare time in order to have it read as soon as possible. So why am I waiting for enough free time to read the spoiler directly from the computer? Because I don’t see the need to be on the cutting edge of the new environment.

Under Duress: The Art Of Duressing In The New Type Two

Back in the days of Academy, Duress was a turn 1 Godsend, capable of grabbing the explosive turn 1 Dark Ritual, the largest monored burn spell, or Academy’s first Windfall. But in the new and much slower environment, is turn 1 Duress always the best play?