AuthorLaura Mills

Laura Mills has qualified for the Pro Tour and played multiplayer with Anthony Alongi, giving her a wide breadth of experience and knowledge in all formats that she brings to her writing.

The Big Pile O’Cards: A New Casual Format

The phrase “casual” player is really a misnomer. Sure, we casual players play in the comfort of someone’s home. We play with friends and the people we enjoy spending time with. But some of us are very competitive. And when we’ve had enough of Pernicious Deeds and Last Laughs, I bring out… The Big Pile O’Cards.

Picking Your Pets: Why Not Creatures?

How do you bring the beatdown when you’re being pounded by Generals and Emperors? Laura explains the weaknesses of creature-heavy decks in Emperor Format, then looks at how to design creature-based strategies that work.

Shut Up And Play

Some multiplayer groups don’t allow table talk between teammates. Communication in a team environment isn’t about taking away an advantage from the opponent – it’s about working together to make a solid team that can win based on better skills, not less mistakes. Would you rather watch two football teams continually fumble the ball…. or would you rather watch great teams make shoestring catches, stellar breaks, and diving tackles?

Play A Card, Wait Five Minutes: My First Online Emperor

This past week, as I was getting ready to participate in one of the Magic Online release leagues for Betrayers of Kamigawa, I received a private message from CPAlliance member the Orgg. He requested that I join him in a MODO game of 2/2/all Emperor – also known as “Standard” Emperor. But there were some serious issues involved in the game which made it a tough experience to enjoy.

Betraying the Secrets of Kamigawa

When Champions of Kamigawa was introduced, my typical slew of articles on sealed deck construction was noticeably absent. I could offer a myriad of excuses for my lack of literary offerings, from being too busy at work to insisting that I still wasn’t quite moved in and had plenty house organization left to do. The reality was that I just didn’t understand Kamigawa sealed. It wasn’t until the Betrayers Team Sealed tournament at the Prerelease that the answer dawned on me. The key word that you need to understand in order to succeed at Champions Sealed deck is synergy.

Religious Right or Liberal Left?

Sometimes, the most seemingly-trivial things can affect the strategy of your games. And when you’re playing Emperor or Two-Headed Giant, there’s one subtle fact which can affect deckbuilding in very interesting ways.

The Emperor Draft Chronicles: Answering the Call to Duty

Once upon a time, I offered you a peek into a new and exciting multiplayer format: Emperor Draft. Not that long ago, I continued the tale with some discussion of drafting as the Emperor, replete with card assessments and viable draft strategies. Since then, Betrayers has made its debut, threatening to wreak havoc on the current Emperor draft strategy and make obsolete any advice I could provide. Fortunately, with a few Champions-Champions-Betrayers drafts under my belt, I have met and tamed that growling tiger – and I am now ready to continue our adventure.

Twenty-Point Speedbump Or Strongarm?

You asked for it? You got it! StarCityGames.com readers asked to see more writing on the multiplayer Emperor format… And Laura Mills (who is now playing games weekly with Anthony Alongi) has stepped up to the plate! Read on as she dissects the two main strategies you can take in Emperor – mainly, how you view your generals.

Going on a Squeegee Hunt

I will admit that the whole title here is somewhat of a ruse, as I feared you wouldn’t come along if I told you what we would be stalking. It is just as elusive and much more terrifying. I am not referring to that illustrious beast, the Wumpus. No, this creature is much more maniacal, insidious, and almost impossible to catch. If I manage to snag one of these beauties, it will be the pinnacle of my career. That beast I am talking about? It is the dreaded mistake.

The Chronicles of Emperor Draft: Bitten by the Bug & The Emperor’s New Duties

For better or worse, I am now a part of Anthony Alongi’s infamous multiplayer group and it is my duty to host this week. My upbringing has taught me that a good hostess will always have an ample supply of food, drinks and booster packs. With a Sam’s Club right down the street, food and drinks are never an issue. A steady stream of inexpensive booster packs, on the other hand, is another matter entirely. I went upstairs to take stock of my Champions of Kamigawa booster packs only to find my ample supply had dwindled down to twelve. I tried to recall exactly where my once ample supply had disappeared to and it came to me: I think our group has been bit by the Emperor Draft bug.

Excuse Me, Mrs. Suitcase?

Do you have scads and scads of old cards lying around your house and taking up space? Laura has a few ideas for interesting things to do with them.

Those Shifty Souls

Laura Mills takes her first real look at Champions and uncovers the power of soulshift, both in Limited formats and in… Constructed? While the shifty souls might not quite be ready for primetime in sixty-card decks, this is definitely a mechanic to keep an eye on.

Multiplayer, Tournament Style

Current scuttlebutt around the watercooler is that Wizards, with its first deployment of “official” rules, is attempting a foray into multiplayer tournaments. Will this destroy the sanctity of the casual player’s realm by throwing a few sharks into the fish pond? Or will it become a paradise for those estranged individuals who long for more social interaction in Magic?

Listen to the Pros!

I was reading through some old Sideboard Magazines recently and found some awful advice from top Pros about playing Sealed decks. So how do I reconcile this”Pro” advice with my standard methods for playing Sealed? Should I drop all my own assertions and force myself into using their tips, regardless of the consequences? Should I ignore them completely, claiming that they’re a bunch of hacks and I could just as easily be on the Pro Tour and beating these guys out myself – if only I was as lucky as they were? Or should I do as I recommend everyone do when they scour these websites for tidbits of advice from any of the authors?

Firing Flying Fries

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