AuthorAbe Sargent

A Commander and casual Magic lover who calls all of West Virginia his hometown, Abe Sargent moved to Michigan for a time, working there for eleven years before heading off to seminary in the North Philly suburbs before finally heading to southwestern Connecticut. He's still not sure how a state the size of Connecticut has its own distinct regions. If you face Abe in a duel, be prepared to face his notorious work of art, Abe's Deck of Happiness and Joy.

Block Commander V: The Onslaught Begins!

Abe Sargent continues his Block Commander project with a tribe that’s all too underrepresented! Then, he has a special message for those who have read his incredible SCG work over the years!

New Random Commander: Hello Hikari!

Abe Sargent shows more creativity with his Commander work than nearly anyone else in the Magic world. He’s at it again this week with a new entry in his Random Commander series!

The Block Commander Odyssey

If you need a casual break from the competitive scene, nobody knows how to create new Magic fun like Abe Sargent! See his latest kitchen table project work here with more Block Commander goods!

Finding The Perfect Card

Strictly worse. Strictly better. A lot of cards do similar things and have similar effects, but there’s a lot more to it than that! Abe Sargent gives a brilliant breakdown of how you can find that perfect effect your Commander or casual deck might be looking for!

Extending The Lifespan Of Your Cards

Remember Extended? Modern’s predecessor has been extinct for a while, but that doesn’t mean you and your friends should forget it! Abe has a great way of spicing up your casual night using one of Magic’s most tragically dead formats.

Romancing With A Random Commander

Abe Sargent’s Random Commander Series is some of the most fun and crazy inspiration you’ll get for everyone’s favorite casual format! Today he’s got an extra special rendition of the column that features one of Magic’s most underrated sets!

Commander Cubing With Oath Of The Gatewatch

Magic’s two most fun formats are converging more and more, and Abe Sargent is the master at showing you its inner workings! It’s Commander. It’s Cube. And it needs some serious Oath of the Gatewatch love! What cards from Oath are you adding to your casual projects?

The God Of The Colorless

Some of the concepts behind new cards and their Commander decks are a little too obvious. Abe, ever the creative builder, wants to take Oath of the Gatewatch in a new direction! See the colorless Commander deck he did it with!

Five-Color Planeswalkers!

Is there anything more fun than having most of the planeswalkers on the planet in your Commander deck? Abe shows off the latest revisions to his five-color masterpiece, complete with Oath of the Gatewatch additions!

More Cards That Don’t Suck

Just because a card isn’t tearing up Vintage or Legacy tables doesn’t mean it can’t be great! Abe examines a set of cards that he thinks deserve a lot more attention in Commander, Cube, and casual games!

More Block Commander Action!

Abe Sargent knows the obscure spells like few others! Wanting to invigorate the old Commander song and dance, Abe continues his work on the ultra fun Block Commander format!

Impossible Commander 8: Who Needs Creatures?

Restrictions breed wonderful creativity, and Abe Sargent is locked and loaded with creativity in this creatureless entry to his Commander canon! Bring about the end of your opponents without so much as casting a creature!

Block Commander!

Is there anyone better at spicing up stale casual formats than Abe Sargent? If you need a kick in your Commander tables, try out Abe’s latest format project!