AuthorTed Knutson

Ted Knutson is the former Managing Editor of StarCityGames.com and is widely respected as one of the most knowledgable members of the Magic community.

Oh The Humanity?

Ted took some time off from the market to play Standard on MTGO this week, and he’s been working to tune U/W Humans. Take a look at one of the hottest Standard archetypes before the Charlotte Open and Invitational this weekend!

Next Level Spec #6 – Mailbag!

Today, Ted takes the time to answer questions from you, the valued readers. Read about Ted’s perspective on speculating, when to dump Modern, and more. Don’t miss his quotable quotes section for some laughs.

Next Level Spec #5 – The Big Spec

Ted makes the leap—into what is likely one of the biggest, most epic speculation purchases Magic Online has ever seen. Using his expertise in finance and Magic, Ted created a Legacy portfolio, revealed in this special edition of NLS.

Next Level Spec #3 – Basket Weaving 101

Learn how to make baskets like a pro! In other words, learn how to build your Magic Online portfolio from Ted Knutson, and don’t put all your eggs in one. Read this Premium article now on Select.

Next Level Spec #4 – Set Cycle Savings

Teddy CardGame is working on a huge article going up tonight. Don’t miss it! Read last week’s Premium article on the importance of set redemption online and check out his Quotable Quotes section at the end.

Next Level Spec

Read Ted Knutson’s first Next Level Spec article about trading on Magic Online markets, now free! Great financial advice for any card speculator.

Next Level Spec #4 – Set Cycle Savings

How does set redemption affect the Magic Online economy? Why does it keep it alive? Ted answers these questions as well as a few from readers on specific cards! Don’t miss the bonus Quotable Quotes section at the end.

Next Level Spec #3 – Basket Weaving 101

Teddy CardGame gives you a basic course in basket weaving (not the underwater kind). Learn to diversify your investments and minimize risk on Magic Online. Join the discussion on Legacy and Modern!

Next Level Spec #2 – Rules To Spec Buy

Ted Knutson gives you 7 rules for speculating on Magic Online. Twitter has already begun to feel the presence of @NextLevelSpec so get your follow on, and keep up to date on the latest trends and stay ahead of the curve.