AuthorGary Wise

Gary Wise was a professional Magic player and writer from 1997-2004. Wise's writing helped to cultivate professional Magic culture in the early days of the Pro Tour and to establish popular draft strategy. PT Fate Reforged was his first Pro Tour since the 2006 World Championships, where he was inducted into the Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame

After actually asking to get taken off of the nominating committee this year, Gary Wise found out he still had a vote for the 2015 Hall of Fame – and with great power comes great responsibility.

Untold Legends – My First Trip To Japan

Monday, March 14 – Gary Wise is a Hall of Famer and was the first paid writer for the Dojo. His Untold Legend follows the heels of the tragic tsunami/earthquake disaster in Japan and gives it tribute, in his own small way.

The Long Road Down: From Pro Tour Playa To Golden Ass

Gary Wise gets Unhinged!By 10:30 in the morning of September 2nd, I was certain that I had written my last real article on Magic. It had been almost a year since my column work on Sideboard.com had ceased to be, I was far from in love with Wizards – and I’d just lost the first round of draft day at Worlds, prompting me to become the second of three-hundred-and five players to drop from the tournament. Forty-some Pro Tours and a few hundred articles later, I was done.

…But then came a shocking development.

The Tarantino Dilemma: Dogs!

Ken is very good at being wrong. The only statement he might ever be right about is calling himself the wrongest man ever, but he may be so wrong that he is wrong on that too.

Wise Words – September 11th, 2001

When I got home from PT: New York, I started packing. Awaking after getting in late on Sunday night, I could only think with wonderment about and the amazing things he’d done over the last year. A win in each of the three rated formats in Magic over one season went beyond anyone’s dreams a…