AuthorStephen Menendian

Stephen Menendian was the 2007 Vintage World Champion and the Season 1 Vintage Super League Champion. He's also the author of "Understanding Gush: Strategies and Tactics."

So Many Insane Plays – The Q2 Vintage Market Report

The StarCityGames.com Open Series heads to Denver!
Monday, August 9th – With Vintage in the spotlight thanks to last weekend’s Vintage Champs at GenCon, Stephen Menendian brings us the latest article in his excellent Vintage Market Report series. He examines recent results from around the world, provides metagame predictions, shares financial tips and decklists, and more!

So Many Insane Plays – Why I Played Lands at Grand Prix: Columbus

The StarCityGames.com Open Series heads to Denver!
Monday, August 2nd – Stephen Menendian and his team prepared well for Grand Prix: Columbus. Their weapon of choice? Lands. Today, Stephen takes us through his tournament experience, and explains why he believes that Lands was a fine contender for the perceived metagame going in… [Editor’s Note – Patrick Chapin will be appearing on Friday!]

So Many Insane Plays – M11 Is Amazing in Vintage: A Core Set Review

Grand Prix GP Columbus July 30-August 1, 2010
Monday, July 12th – While M10 sold in record Core Set numbers, it added very little to Vintage. M11, however, is a different story. Today, Stephen Menendian scours the set for the cards that’ll have an impact on Magic’s most powerful format. He also brings us his latest Complete Vintage Checklist![Editor’s Note: Patrick Chapin will be here later in the week!]

So Many Insane Plays – First Place with MUD

The StarCityGames.com Open Series heads to Denver!
Monday, June 28th – Stephen Menendian believes that MUD is in a perfect position in the current Vintage metagame. Today, he talks us through his continuing thoughts on the strategy, and shares some key decisions and plays from a recent Vintage tournament in which he powered to victory!

So Many Insane Plays – The New Legacy Banned List, And What It Means For You

The StarCityGames.com Open Series comes to St. Louis!
Monday, June 21st – Legacy has undergone a subtle change this past weekend, with the bannings and unrestrictions from the Powers That Be. Just how will the removal of Mystical Tutor affect the metagame? Even though it doesn’t kick in until July, will the news impact on this weekend’s StarCityGames.com Legacy Open in St. Louis? Stephen shares his initial thoughts…