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Enter The DCI

Wizards may not spell it out in the rulebook, but it’s there clear as day: We want it all. And they give it to us, or at least what we ask for.

Goodbye, Dark Ritual?

It’s hard to imagine a world without BBB for B — but in the end it has been a long time coming, and this could be one of the best things to happen for the game.

Response To “Apocalypse Sucks: An Analysis Of The Few Playable Cards”

I found Joel Grainger-Carr’s article on how bad he thought was quite disheartening, and hope that he doesn’t close people’s minds to the exciting cards introduced by the set. In particular was this closing statement: “My advice to you is stick to what you know is good, and discard the rest, starting with anything mono-colored…


When you playtest, gather data, and even use databases to track deck matchups, how do you recover from going 3-3 at Regionals?