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Amateur Championships *3rd*

Wow – third place. Not too shabby! Thus far, my highest finishes had been random T8s at JSS Qualifiers and winning small tourneys and side events. But third out of 358 people is just like, wow to me! (And most others, I dare say – ) Here’s my report, as best as I can remember….

The Casual Report #2: The Sky Is Falling!

I just wanted to start by saying thank you to everyone who wrote me last week to offer suggestions and praise. That sort of thing builds up my ego – and isn’t that the real reason everyone writes? Pre-game show I decided it was time for my group to loosen up. Don’t get me wrong,…

IBC: Godzilla!

Reanimation strategies have been around since Alpha, but are limited in Invasion Block. What can we do with a Call?

Back To The IBC Grind

Tanned, rested, and ready, ol’ Dave here is back on line and ready to regale his many fans (all six of you) with two IBC decks.


How can you turn Clue, Monopoly, Tarot Cards, and other assorted miscellany into Magic-related funfests?