AuthorKen Krouner

Ken was on the gravy train for over a year. His accomplishments in that time include 8th place at Worlds 2002, 9th place at US Nationals 2002, and top 4 of GP Los Angeles.

The State of Magic

I said to myself that I’d write again if they let me keep my Hall of Fame vote, but I figured since I was so far out of the community at this point I’d never get a vote. Apparently knowledge of PT history still counts for something, as I was given a vote again. I’ll save my actual votes and reasoning for the end of the article. Mostly because as I am writing this I still haven’t finalized my ballot. For now I figured I’d editorialize on some current events. Let’s see what’s in the news.

SCG Daily Redux – The Atlanta House Aftermath

I figured a follow-up article was in order for the Atlanta House Blog. Clearly much of the excitement occurred after the blog closed, so I wanted to fill you in on that. I also wanted to impart some of the general and specific lessons I learned during the flood of gamers. Finally, I wanted to discuss my picks for the Hall of Fame.

SCG Daily – The Atlanta House Blog #5

I guess for me the moral of this whole blog is that if you want to be a serious gamer, you really need to play as many games as possible. Zelda, Poker, Draft, Worlds Decks, Megaman, Survivor, Standard… they all expand your capacity for strategic thought. The more strategies become second nature to you, the faster you can make correct decisions.

SCG Daily – The Atlanta House Blog #4

It’s been a couple of days since I got to the Atlanta House, I think. I’m actually not sure if it is Tuesday, Wednesday, midnight or noon. So much happens; with so many monitors my brain is on stimulation overload. Here are some things that I think have happened, but can neither confirm nor deny the accuracy of them.

SCG Daily – The Atlanta House Blog #3

Everyone arrived by about 10pm last night. Richie decided not to come, better dealing us for Gabe Walls and Indiana. I can deal with that. He was replaced with Takanobu Sato and Magic’s own Energizer Bunny, J. Evan Dean. Taka was most recently seen winning Grand Prix Madison as part of team Faddy Josh.

SCG Daily – The Atlanta House Blog #2

I’ve always been intimately familiar with the gaming lifestyle, but until recently I didn’t have the courage to take the plunge. Well, thanks to some convincing from Crosby, I was able to leave real life behind and pursue a career in the gaming arts…

SCG Daily – The Atlanta House Blog

US Nationals has a special place in everyone’s heart. No one likes to admit it, but people really love that tournament. Look at the Regional Championships… there’s always a huge turnout. Everyone wants to represent their country at Worlds, so everyone wants to go to Nats. This year, Nats is in Atlanta. I recently moved to Atlanta to live in a house of gamers. This happens to be a perfect formula for a vacation/playtesting ground…

I Want My All-Star Game Back!

Ken Krouner has deep-held issues regarding the current format of the Magic Invitational. At its very core, he believes it is deeply flawed. Like Jeff Cunningham above, he raises some pertinent questions regarding candidates and eligibility. Do you agree with his views?

Drafting Boros – The Forgotten Guild

It amazes me that there has been so little written on this archetype. While I can understand this being no-one’s favorite guild, I’d be legitimately shocked if anyone called it unplayable. Anyone with this philosophy simply doesn’t understand the role of beatdown in Limited. As it stands now, if you are drafting Boros properly, you should always wind up with the best deck at the table. Let me show you how…

Transmute for the Win

Have you ever wanted to bring a constructed deck to a draft tournament? Think of how easy it would be. You’d roll over everyone. None of the matches would be close. I can’t offer you that, but I am going to show you how – using one of the new keyword mechanics – you can come even closer to that dream.

Can’t Take the Hype, The Truth About Saviors Limited

Okay, I can’t take it anymore. I wanted to take a step back from writing because I just didn’t feel like writing anymore, but I am starting to lose my mind. This could possibly be the most misunderstood draft format since triple Mirrodin. Listening to Sam Gomersall call Green the best color in both his article and in an interview at the Pro Tour nearly made me pass out. You won’t get any pick orders here, but you will be saved from all the misinformation that has been being spread about the format.

Hall of Fame Daily – Tight Tommy Guevin

Few current players know about the escapdes of one Tight Tommy, a man who was this close to winning Pro Tour #2, and that much closer to getting punched out during more than a few matches in his career. Every Magic player owes it to themselves to learn more about one of the original clown princes of American Magic.