The Open Series Hits The Mile-High City

The StarCityGames.com Open Series returns to Denver this weekend, hosted by Invesco Field. Don’t miss the beginning of SCGLive’s second season, featuring double the commentators!

The StarCityGames.com Invitational in Indianapolis went off without a hitch, and I’ll offer one more hearty congratulations to our newly-crowned
champion: Pat Cox! With Vampire Matt Landstrom repeating his Indianapolis Standard Open victory and NO RUG finally claiming a Legacy championship in
the hands of Thomas Graves, the metagame marches forward.

Season 2 of SCGLive begins in Denver this weekend, with hosts Patrick Chapin and Joey Pasco delivering commentary during two days of play. In addition
to Patrick, you’ll be seeing Gerard Fabiano, Mike Flores, Zack Hall, Brian Kibler, Ari Lax, and Brad Nelson joining our roster, alongside Joey
and Season 1 commentators Adrian Sullivan, Jacob Van Lunen, and Gavin Verhey. A full schedule of the coming months can be found here! I’m very excited to be working with all
of these guys and can’t wait to see what they bring to the table.

But first, Denver.

For many, Denver is most closely identified with their resident football team, the Broncos. Love ‘em, hate ‘em, or remain totally
indifferent—the Broncos are as much a part of Denver as anything, and you should expect to see their logo all weekend long, which is to be
expected considering our venue. You’ll be able to get an inside look at Denver sports history this weekend, as we are hosting the Open Weekend at
Invesco Field!

While the summer means you won’t be going to any Broncos games while in-town, we do have a few treats. The Colorado Sports Hall of Fame is
actually housed within the stadium, and they are known for their excellent tours. A behind-the-scenes look at the stadium and the shenanigans that go
on within it is a truly unique experience, and one I’d encourage you not to miss.

In addition to the Hall, we’ve secured a free bonus for every Open attendee. You’ll have field access, but you’ll also be receiving
free entry to the Denver Outlaws lacrosse game on Saturday. In truth, my personal experience with lacrosse is the knowledge that you wield a weird
stick and that girls play it really rough, so I’m looking forward to educating myself a little. After the game, you’ll have the opportunity
to sit on the field and receive a blast from the past watching Back to the Future on the jumbotron!

As for me? Well, after the game, I’ll probably be looking for some nightlife. With a football stadium in the heart of Denver, I’m sure it
won’t be hard to find. I’ve received a tip already that Strange Brewing Co. is worth a visit, and it’s close to the stadium while
offering a variety of crafted beers. Hard to go wrong there generally, and I hope to find a new favorite.

Let’s move back to Magic. This is my first trip out to Denver, but it will be the second time the Open Series has visited the city. Josh Napper and Constantine Vigderman were victorious in
the Standard and Legacy Opens last year with Naya Fauna and Merfolk, respectively. Who will hoist the cup this time around?

Caw-Blade remains the favorite son of Standard, although Exarch-Twin in a number of flavors continues to earn popularity and players. Patrick Sullivan
breathed new life into Mono Red with his Invitational Top 8, with no small part played by his new Standard build. You can read a full report of his
performance on our website, and the article is well worth your attention. Other lists draw the eye as well, and I’d encourage you to scour our Indianapolis coverage for technology.

Legacy is still anyone’s format from week to week, and last week saw the reemergence of aggressive decks in the format. Pat Cox’s Wild
Nacatl-fueled victory alongside Patrick Sullivan’s Top 8 were no coincidence. Jim Davis took Goblins, a deck that has been suffering for weeks,
within arm’s reach of the trophy before falling just short after grinding his way into the tournament on Friday night!

In addition to our fine Draft and Commander side events, Denver will also play host to Douglas Shuler. He’s the amazing artist behind a number of
classic Magic illustrations, including Demonic Tutor, Candelabra of Tawnos, and the original Serra Angel. A living legend, Mr. Shuler will be signing
cards and selling prints all weekend—be sure to drop by his booth. To learn more about his work, you visit his website.

Join Joey Pasco and Patrick Chapin starting at noon on Saturday, MST, and follow the story of the Denver Open Weekend. We’ll all be active on
Twitter during the weekend, using @SCGLive and the hashtag #SCGDEN to generate discussion and dole out free premium.

We’ll also be using Twitter to coordinate games of MTGO with our viewers between rounds, so come early and push for what you’d like to see
on the screen! Standard and Legacy will always be in the rotation, but we’re down to try anything that enough people would like to
see—provided it can be played in a reasonable time frame, of course.

If you’d like to learn more about the event—or just note that you’ll be coming—check out our Facebook page. Whether you’re following along online or showing
up in-person to battle, I hope you enjoy the show!

Glenn Jones
Coverage Content Manager