AuthorJim Davis

Jim Davis is a fifteen year Magic veteran with accomplishments at every level of organized play. He spent the the late 2000s playing on the Pro Tour, and after taking a few years away from the game he reemerged as one of the most accomplished players on the SCG Tour. After winning the 2015 Players' Championship Jim took on Magic full-time and now travels to events as part of Team BCW, produces content both here on Starcitygames.com and on YouTube, streams, and coaches.

Let’s Talk About Control

Conventional wisdom says not to play a control deck in an unpredictable Week 1 metagame. Why does Jim Davis think that wisdom is wrong?

Building Boss Goblins

We’ve got just enough Goblins now for Jim Davis to take up his mantle as Goblin King and brew up something aggro! These are his results and his thoughts on the tribe in new Standard!

Where Have All The Eldrazi Gone?

Eldrazi have been down and out a bit lately, but Jim Davis thinks it may be time for a big return! Today he analyzes the different varieties and which is best for SCG Indy!

Where Are Our Tribal Decks?!

Despite a ton of tribal support, it doesn’t seem like any of it is top tier! How can this be? Jim explores the tribes we have access to to see if one of them is hiding for SCG Philly!

Core Set 2019: Here Be Dragons

Some Dragons are Commander staples. Others radically change Standard. So which are which when it comes to all the big Elder Dragons from Core Set 2019? Jim Davis gets ready to breathe some serious fire!