AuthorGerard Fabiano

Gerard Fabiano is a Pro Tour mainstay with a number of high-profile finishes under his belt. He made Top 4 of Pro Tour Boston and has nine Grand Prix Top 8s, including wins at Grand Prix Philadelphia, Grand Prix Montreal, and Grand Prix Baltimore. With over 275 pro points and five Open Series wins, Gerard has a great deal of experience that he loves to share. Above all else, he is a great ambassador for the game.

2 Decks You Should Be Playing In Modern

You can always count on SCG Players’ Championship Finalist Gerard Fabiano to take you to some great places with deckbuilding! See two great rogue lists for tomorrow’s #SCGDFW Modern Open and check out Gerard’s work on a great and underrepresented cause!

10 Things To Know About Esper Dragons

Gerard is a pro, however, he can’t make the Pro Tour this weekend, which means he’s willing to give away his information for free! See the specifics of piloting what he thinks is the most underrated deck in the format before #SCGStates!

Sultai In New Standard!

The sultan of Sultai would never let you down! He knows the new Standard format is coming, and accordingly, he’s got your back if you’re a Sultai mage!

Season Three Invitational *Top 8*

With his first Invitational Top Eight now in the bag, Gerard Fabiano looks back at the decks he played and the Legacy format as a whole – and then looks forward to a new Standard thanks to Battle for Zendikar!

Standard Sultai And Eternal Weekend

Gerard has a few big events to plan for, including this weekend’s Eternal offerings and the Season Three Invitational one week from today. He shares his thoughts – and his decklists – for all three formats as he figures out his preferences and metagame expectations for each.

Blue/Black Control At Pro Tour Magic Origins

Is there anything better than getting to play a Pro Tour for your birthday? How about if it was also your fiftieth Pro Tour? Gerard Fabiano reflects on his #PTOrigins weekend as well as how important the support he’s received along the way has been.

Shining A Light On SCG Chicago

Gerard examines eight decks from #SCGCHI that fell just outside of the spotlight’s circle, looking at 17th-24th to discern the broader trends of the Standard metagame for #SCGRICH and #PTOrigins over the next two weeks.

To Jund Or Not To Jund?

Gerard had a pretty strong run at the Modern Premier IQ last weekend, but was that good enough for him? Find out what changes he has planned for #SCGINVI and Grand Prix Charlotte!

Sultai For The New Metagame

Gerard is working hard on tweaking his favorite color combo! The Abzan Megamorph decks aren’t the only ones that can utilize Deathmist Raptor and Den Protector, and Gerard may have just the build for #SCGDFW!

Esper Dragons In Cleveland

Gerard Fabiano kept his success train rolling with yet another great performance at the Open last weekend! His deck contained a few broken traditions, and today, he explains them so you can use the knowledge for #SCGPORT!

Jund, Sultai, and U/R Merfolk!

Gerard has a host of lists to recommend for #SCGPROV, and he has the results to back it up! Whether you’re down for Standard or Modern this weekend, Gerard is ready to show you the way!