AuthorBrian Kibler

Brian Kibler has 5 Pro Tour 8s with 2 wins, 13 Grand Prix Top 8s with 3 wins, and was voted into the Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame in 2010. He has also worked as a designer on games like the World of Warcraft TCG, VS System, SolForge, and Ascension. Now he produces game content full time, which you can find here at StarCityGames, on his website BMKGaming.com, as well as on Twitch and YouTube (www.youtube.com/bmkibler).

Jund In Madrid

Two-time Pro Tour Champion Brian Kibler went a different way for the recent Pro Tour! Why did he end up where he did? Is there a place for these decks in the #GPNY field? See what BK went with and what his process was!

Standard Delirium

The delirium mechanic has caused havoc and Tarmogoyf comparisons for all hopeful Standard brewers! What does a two-time Pro Tour winner have in mind? The Dragonmaster shares his lists before #SCGBALT!

Khans No More

#SCGINDY will wave goodbye to some all-time great Standard cards. Which ones is two-time Pro Tour Champion Brian Kibler most excited to say farewell to? Find out here!

In Case Of Emergency, Break Jar

Many people think emergency Modern bans are in order, but Brian Kibler has been around long enough to know some precedent. See what the Pro Tour veteran thinks should be done about Modern and discover his latest lists to fight them at the #SCGPHILLY Classic on Sunday!

Thanks, Gatewatch

The Gatewatch had one job! Brian Kibler is infuriated that they let the Eldrazi crash the Pro Tour, but he’s not giving up hope yet! The hero we need may not be Gideon or Nissa or Jace; it may be The Dragonmaster!

Kalitas Jund At #SCGCOL

Two-time Pro Tour Champion Brian Kibler has a favor to ask of you: play his deck at #SCGCOL! He’s wrapped in #PTOGW testing, but he has a sick Standard brew he wants to unleash on the world. He just needs you to do it!

Let’s Meet The Gatewatch!

When it comes to ignoring the usual tricks and finding the off-the-path creature brews, Brian Kibler is your man! Brian had a stellar performance with a creature deck last weekend, and he’s sharing with you the updated tech for that deck as well as all the Oath of the Gatewatch strategies he has for #SCGATL!

2015, 2016, And The Latest In Dragon Technology

The great Brian Kibler takes a retrospective look at his personal goals for 2015 and his goals for Magic in the wake of the big gaming boom of the last few years! Then, The Dragonmaster lives up to his name by providing the coolest Dragons list we’ve seen yet for #SCGCHAR’s Standard Classic!

Temur Black At #SCGINVI

Brian Kibler had a great time at #SCGINVI with his Temur Black deck, but he has noticed that a new direction in Standard requires him to make some significant tweaks! See his future gameplan (and his Modern deck) here!

Getting Radical At #SCGINVI

Brian Kibler would love to add an #SCGINVI title to his two Pro Tour wins. But before he can do that, he’s had to make some radical changes to his list of choice! See what he has planned for the weekend here!