AuthorGavin Verhey

Gavin Verhey is right on the edge of the Pro Tour, flittering between the line of playing on the Pro Tour and having to win PTQs to get there. With thirteen Pro Tour Qualifier Top 8s, multiple appearances in Day 2 of Grand Prix events (including Top 16 at GP: LA 2009,) and the resolve to attend almost every North American Grand Prix, Gavin is a player to watch.

Flow Of Ideas – What’s Your Endgame?

Gavin Verhey concludes his long-time running Flow of Ideas column, as he moves on to a new chapter of his life at Wizards of the Coast. He offers some parting words on defining what your endgame is, not just in Magic, but in life.

Innistrad In Modern, Part 2

Gavin Verhey looks at the other two major archetypes for Modern: control and combo. If you want a head start on the Modern format, this is the perfect place to look.

Flow Of Ideas – Innistrad In Modern, Part 1

Gavin approaches Innistrad on the beatdown/midrange axis, looking for cards to fit into these archetypes for Modern. What does he find? A BUG deck for Liliana, a mono-black discard deck, and tons of ways to use Snapcaster Mage.

Innistrad Preview: Mentor of the Meek

A creature that has potential in beatdown, control, and combo?
Check. Inspiring a deckbuilding theme for casual and competitive players
alike? Check. Providing white decks with insane amounts of card advantage? A
very enthusiastic check!