AuthorPat Cox

In addition to winning the Indianapolis Invitational, Pat Cox has Top 8ed three Grand Prix and a Pro Tour. Most recently he made the finals of GP Austin.

Soul Control In Standard / Jund In Modern

Pat Cox just returned from a trip that included Pro Tour Dark Ascension and Grand Prix Lincoln. He details how he did with his Esper Control deck in Standard and his Jund deck in Modern along with the changes he would make to both lists.

Grand Prix Austin, 2nd

Patrick Cox went from almost not attending Grand Prix Austin to nearly winning the big Innistrad Limited event! Today, he talks about his thought process going into the event and also provides a run-down on how all of his rounds played out.

U/B Control In Standard

Pat Cox loves a good aggro deck, but he was convinced to play Control when he found out the power of U/B in Standard.

Post-Worlds Standard

Pat Cox fell just short of his goal at Worlds, but he’s gearing up to defend his Invitational title in Charlotte. Today, he breaks down the Standard format! Perfect prep for the Invitational and St. Louis coming up.

Zoo In Modern

Of course Pat Cox would find a Zoo deck for PT Philly—what else? But his evolution, instead of Flashfreeze, had Thoughtseize to fight the combo-laden Modern format. After going 7-3 in Modern, what does the Zoo master have to say?

Should You Be Playing Zoo Right Now?

The Zoo master, Pat Cox, asks if right now is a good time to be playing Zoo (for Pat Cox, the answer is always yes). Read how to prepare Zoo for this weekend’s metagame at SCG Open: Pittsburgh.

Pro Tour Nagoya Top 8

Patrick Cox has been on a hot streak—an Invitational win quickly followed by a PT Top 8. He took Mark Herberholz’s Puresteel Paladin deck, which took him and his friend David Sharfman to the top. Read about his epic run.

Winning The SCG Invitational With Wild Nacatl, Part 2: Legacy

In Part 2, Pat Cox gets to talk about his favorite deck! You rarely see Pat without his trusty Zoo deck for a Legacy tournament, and the Invitational was no exception. If you want to run this archetype in Baltimore, this is the first place you should look.