AuthorPatrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan is a game designer for Dire Wolf Digital. His resume boasts four Grand Prix Top 8s, a slew of SCG Tour® top 8s (including a win), and an SCG Invitational Top 8 in Indianapolis. He is also one of the most celebrated faces in Magic commentary for his work on SCGLive.

Recurring Insight: City Of Brass

The Arabian Nights MTG set introduced a powerful new land that could tap for any color of mana…for a price. Patrick Sullivan explores the history and design of City of Brass.

Recurring Insight: Vindicate

Invasion block was full of gold MTG cards, but one from Apocalypse stood out from the crowd. Patrick Sullivan looks back at the simple yet stunning Vindicate.

Recurring Insight: Boros Charm

Two mana, three options, four damage. Patrick Sullivan breaks down the card that puts the Boros in Modern MTG’s Boros Burn: the one and only Boros Charm.

Recurring Insight: Mutavault

Creature-lands add a ton of depth to Magic, but which one earned PSulli’s highest marks? Patrick Sullivan analyzes the history and MTG Design behind the best-designed creature-land of all time — Mutavault.

Recurring Insight: Parallax Wave

Remember fading? Patrick Sullivan analyzes the history and MTG design of a card designed to have drawbacks but instead became a flexible catch-all — Parallax Wave.