AuthorAdrian Sullivan

Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir semifinalist Adrian Sullivan is considered one of the most influential writers and players in Magic history. Voted one of the Top 20 deckbuilders of all time by his Pro Tour peers, his decks have appeared in the Top 8 of major events for almost 20 years.

Landing On Ixalan In Modern

The lands and potential of Ixalan have caught Adrian Sullivan’s eye! Explore the Modern format as the best minds converge on SCG Charlotte weekend!

The Ixalan Red Review

After Hour of Devastation revitalized red, Ixalan has a tough act to follow! Can any of the cards measure up? Adrian Sullivan has all the essential knowledge red mages need to thrive at SCG Dallas!

Using White To Conquer The Hydra

Temur is not the end all be all story of Grand Prix Washington DC! Adrian Sullivan has a host of strategies that can take down the Bristling Hydra and all his friends, too! Good luck at the GP everyone!

Modernizing Death And Taxes

Death and Taxes won the SCG Season One Invitational, and Adrian Sullivan is putting his own spin on things! What Hour of Devastation card has he added…and what sideboard tech is straight out of 1993?

Hour Of Temur

Adrian Sullivan recaps the top card choices for Temur Control in post-Hour of Devastation Standard and reveals his most recent list!

You Can’t Lose In Modern!

Adrian has had an epiphany: Modern has a slew of cards that literally do not let you lose the game! He’s brewing up a storm with this new revelation! Show these to your SCG Atlanta team!

Lantern Lights The Way To An Invitational Top 8

Old-school pro Adrian Sullivan reached the Top 8 of the SCG Season One Invitational thanks to an 8-0 finish in Modern with Lantern Control! Get his insights on that deck and his Temur Control build for Standard ahead of SCG Cincinnati!

The Challenges Of Control In Standard

Adrian Sullivan piloted Temur Control to a Top 8 finish at the SCG Season One Invitational! Today he breaks down the challenges faced by control players until Hour of Devastation is released…and probably after.