AuthorGlenn Jones

Glenn has over seven years of experience covering TCG events and leans on that expertise to trace the history of Magic while uncovering potential diamonds in the rough of the Modern and Legacy formats. You can catch him on Twitch, Twitter, and anywhere else they'll let him run his mouth.

Through The Wizarding Glass

Here, on the first day of the new year, Glenn Jones reflects on his long strange 2014, the significance of the Magic life he’s led, and the thrill of heading to Wizards for the next step. We’ll miss you, Glenn!

The Nether Spirit Of Christmas

Glenn Jones has a special present for you. It likes to hang out in the graveyard and fits nicely in a new brew Glenn has been workshopping. Read his article to open it!

The Cruise Blues

While Eternal formats have always had a blue skew, Legacy is now a format buried in it. Glenn Jones examines the implications of having a format where blue cards pave most roads to victory.

The Portland Postmortem

All things considered, Glenn Jones had an amazing weekend at the Open Series! He nearly took down Standard and had a great Legacy finish despite a deck he insists is suboptimal. If you want an edge at #SCGINVI, listen to what Glenn has to say!

Or Am I Standing Still?

Glenn Jones is on the backfoot! In a few short weeks, he’s gone from skeptical of a reemerging archetype to a fan of it! See what changes he’s making to the list before battling at #SCGPORT!

Whipping Rhinos Back And Forth

It took a little time, but Glenn Jones is finally ready to settle down and tie the knot with a Standard deck! A rampant theorist and playtester, see what Glenn recommends for #SCGATL!

Legacy Decks That Fight The Good Fight

Glenn Jones is a theorist and brewer at heart. Read to discover his analysis of the non-Delver decks that beat the odds through smart building, as well as his thoughts on a well-positioned Standard staple that may belong at the top tables Sunday at #SCGRICH’s Legacy Open!

Play The Best Deck

Some are saying Treasure Cruise is a new hurdle that the metagame will shift around once it’s jumped. Glenn Jones isn’t so sure. See the deck that Glenn says is head and shoulders above the rest, and practice it plenty before Grand Prix New Jersey!

My Near-Miss With Heroism

Hero of the people Glenn Jones came to the Open Series last weekend with an insanely innovative Heroic-Ascendancy deck. Turns out he wasn’t the only one! Compare Glenn’s list to the winner’s and see how he fared (spoiler: very well) in the Legacy Open! #SCGCOL is one day away!

Ticking Clocks In Standard

Glenn Jones is ready to tackle #SCGOAK! But first, he has committed some solid theory to memory. Read Glenn’s powerful information about the importance of being on the play in Standard and why it matter a lot more than you think…

The Return Of Obelisk Of Urd In Standard

Glenn Jones had a good run at the recent Standard GP with a deck that not many have been tinkering with! If you want a good Abzan matchup, Glenn has some results you’re definitely going to want to check before #SCGMINN!

Building For Endgames

Glenn Jones saw his theories put into practice during the Pro Tour! Read about the different ways current Standard decks align and take advantage of one another and how important it is for you to understand those dynamics before #SCGWOR!

Standard Real Estate

This Standard is a far cry from mono-colored decks of last season. In order to make your Standard deck go, you’ve got to be able to tweak on that manabase! Glenn Jones shows you his methodology for doing just that!

Of Nighthowlers And Nemeses

Glenn Jones resurrects a deck that went away all too quickly! New Standard has more graveyard tricks than we’ve had in quite a while, and Glenn is here to tell you how to put those cards to great and grim use!

On A Boat In Modern

There may be no one in Magic today that hits the brewing woodshed harder than Glenn Jones. See his studies, theories, and results on trying to bring back strong graveyard synergies to Modern! Use his incredibly fun ideas at the $5,000 Premier IQ at #SCGNJ and #SCGINDY!