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Charmed by his new baby daughter, Bennie manages to pull
himself away from the crib long enough to discuss the impact of the Dragon Charms.


And as an extra-special consolation prize to those who wound up on Shawn’s Bottom 10 List, here’s some Boydellian suggestions for making a better site!

Rebecca Brings It

A whirlwind of (sorta) strategy from Mister Issues himself. IBC tips. Planeshift looks. The Death of White. Oh, and a tourney report,

And Then There Was Napster: A Call To Action

There are some things about which we have no control. These are the things that Magic players have always, and will always, resent about the world: the inability to draw the critical land, the bad or unexpected matchup, being hated out of a Rochester draft by the clueless recipients of broken sealed decks, the closing…

Goodbye, Dear Friend…

The Dojo Effect. The King of the Fatties. Sullivan Library. Through the Looking Glass. Net decks. Study and Grow Strong. Frank Kusomoto. Casual vs. Pro. Reviled and admired. Chads of MephistophEllis. . Psylum, Inc. #mtgwacky. A moment, frozen in time. A young (is he so young? He is in his early 30s, but a feeling…