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The Fairies’ Corner #2: Bad Decks for Bad People

The true tragedy of Sensei’s Divining Top is that it made everyone ignore Crown of Convergence… But those days are over, my friend. In today’s Standard, there’s no reason whatsoever not to play Crown of Convergence, assuming that’s your idea of a good time. And I’m going to try to make it fun for you, with not one, but two decks…

The Fairies’ Corner #1: You Can Never Have Too Many Four-Drops

I’m presenting to you — my very special friend — this article-series-of-as-yet-undetermined-length, a Standard casual cold buffet, roughly resembling Chris Romeo’s smooth and tender operatings. In other words, just to throw out my entire audience with the bathwater, the series is casual without being particularly budget-oriented. But hey, it has “fairies” in the title! Fairies! I know that I love it.

The Folklore of Magic #16: “Poker” Slang and Geordie Tait

I recall the little debate that shook the forums here on StarCityGames after Evan Erwin wrote his Battle Royale Round 6: Live Nude Girls article. Geordie Tait, manly man that he is, leapt onto Erwin like Evan was a May bishop… All for the offence of misusing poker terminology in a Magic article. But despite that Evan was wrong, I still have a slight problem with Tait’s argument. It’s not that he’s made factual errors; it’s that he’s made theoretical ones.

Food For Thought: Black/Red Haakon

If this were one of my typical articles, this whole discussion would simply have been an elaborate bridge into a Haakon, Stromgald Scourge/Ashes of the Fallen/Hounds deck. As it is, however, the bridge is lacking, and we’re left with something merely elaborate. But because I have said these things unto you, sorrow hath filled your heart.

SCG Daily – The Folklore of Magic #15

Adam completes his daily series with a look at the Tiddy Mun, presenting some interesting views on the nature of Black in our glorious game. And before you ask… yes, we all talk like that in England…

SCG Daily – The Folklore of Magic #11

Adam returns with further tales of Magic folklore. Today, he talks of the nature of folklore, and sets the scene for the coming week, promising a thought-provoking series of intellectual debates.

Building with Legends

I’ve been teaching some of the kids at the Youth Club how to play Magic. Tobias, one of the kids, likes Snakes. One game, we were drawing our first seven cards, when Tobias piped out in surprise. He revealed his fledgling hand, pointing angrily to a pair of Sosuke, Son of Seshiro. There must, he told us, have been a mistake. Two of the same legendary creature in one deck? How had that happened?

Food For Thought: Simic Serow – UG for Standard

You’ve spent last few months slaving over the intricacies of this game we call Magic. You’ve been building delicious-looking decks all on your lonesome and, then, when said decks crumple up before Heartbeat, that Heeziest of streets, or — God forbid — both, you’ve been forced to mix them into the fruity filling of that humble pie you’re working on. I know how it is. Trust me, I’ve been there.

SCG Daily – The Folklore of Magic #7

So far, this series has focused on Magic’s races. Elves, Goblins, Krakens, Wurms, Vampires, Nightmares, Hounds, Banshees, and Merfolk are all directly connected with Northern European folklore. It’s slightly more difficult, but perhaps even more valuable, to give the folkloric treatment to some of Magic’s more abstract concepts, to the magic in Magic…