AuthorMatt Villamaino

Matt Villamaino is the Premier Events Manager for Star City Events.

Roanoke, VA – Friday Night Magic and Rejects Rare Draft Return to the Star City Game Center!

Come check out the gaming at Star City Games this weekend! We’ve revamped our Magic schedule and we’re now presenting tournaments in the shop every Friday and Sunday! This week, get some last-minute testing in for Regionals at Friday Night Magic (tournament sign ups begin at 6:00pm and the tournament begins at 6:30pm). The format is Standard.

After Regionals, wind down with the fan favorite Reject Rare Draft! Each player gets three ‘packs’ of fifteen rares each, and then decks are drafted as per the usual booster draft rules. Afterwards, the players play rounds of swiss in one of the most wacky and fun formats in all of Magic! Registration begins at 10am and the tournament begins at 11am. Thought it goes without saying, we’ll say it: You keep what you draft, so come on down and have some fun!

A full listing of in-store tournaments can be found here!