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The Danger Of Cool Reprints

Why shouldn’t Wizards just drop the policy and make us all happy with affordable Moxen and Time Walks and Sinkholes, oh my? There is a simple reason… And it’s all about YOU!

Multiplayer Is An Art, Part 12: Rhox.

Well, it turns out that last week we posted #13 and missed #12! So Stijn backtracks to discuss the prevalence of newbie Rhox players in his area and how he deals with them graciously, defeating them whilst teaching them.

Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics

We’re devoting pretty much all of today to Type One debate… But really, I want to get back to strategy. Strategy – you know, what this site is ostensibly about? Anyway, in the decapitated-chicken flailings of many a Type One player or hater, many facts seem to go by the wayside – and I really need to address some of these from a business perspective.

OBC Musings

WonderWurm pretty much crushes everything we’ve thrown at it. It’s a beatstick and a half, and can kill by turn 5 pretty regularly. However, how it fares against the various weenie white variants has yet to be determined with a fair amount of certainly.

Mini Tourney Report: Legion Invitational

It was a strange Invitational tournament, where I got terribly luck-screwed at 5-Color and familarity-screwed by Draft… But I did get to see the future of Extended as seen by some of the top pros, my friends, and let me tell you that the future is base-blue.

The Three Steps To The Last Ten Percent, Part 1

Say Kai Budde and Jon Finkel sit down across from each other playing identical decks. Who will win? The luckier one, most likely. Now, say Kai Budde and Random Scrub sit down across from each other. Most likely, Kai’s going to win. But if Random Scrub #1 and Random Scrub #2 face off, who will win now? The one who knows psychology.

From One Crank To Another: A Response To Rich Ary

Over the years, lots of people have criticized Wizards and decided that Wizards doesn’t have a clue and makes lots of mistakes. But as someone who often complains to Wizards about policies, rules and events, I can tell you one big secret that shouldn’t be so big…

Double or Nothing: OBC? Yeah, Baby, YEAH!

Michael says that he won’t let Wizards R&D off easily. What for? Producing one of the most popular sets in the history of Magic? Hell – I don’t think I’m going to forgive them for that either.

Mixed kNuts: The Scatological Tourney Report and Other Such Poo

I will tell a tell of woe and regret (and a little bit of fun, too) that will make you embarrassed to be reading this article – which is probably how you feel every other week as well, but I can’t even control my own feelings of inadequacy, so get some Effexor or Viagra for yours, and move on.