AuthorTim Aten

A regular on the Pro Tour before growing weary of globetrotting, Tim Aten put up several respectable finishes at Draft events, including 17th at PT San Diego 2004, 7th at the team PT in Seattle 2004, and 15th at PT London 2005. In addition, he won Grand Prix Chicago 2004 as a member of :B.

An Honest Look At American Magic

Tim Aten looks ahead to what we can expect out of some of the top American Magic players in the year to come. Is the future as bright as it seems?

Drafting With Tim! ISD #8

Drafting With articles are one of the best ways to improve your draft skills. Read Tim Aten’s walkthrough for some helpful tips before the Draft Open at St. Louis this weekend.

Drafting With Tim! ISD #7

Check out Tim Aten’s seventh draft walkthrough for Innistrad Limited. As you follow along his picks, consider the options and figure out what you would do if you were in his shoes!

Drafting With Tim! ISD #6

Tim Aten’s drafts are not only informative but enjoyable to read, too! Check out his walkthrough where he has to decide some interesting picks.

Drafting With Tim! ISD #5

Tim Aten showcases a more unsual draft this time, focusing on a specific archetype. Figure out how it works and how to evaluate picks for it. GP San Diego is this weekend with SCG Open: St. Louis not long after!

Drafting With Tim! ISD #4

Tim Aten drafts Innistrad on Magic Online in an 8-4. Will he see some success in this one? Learn some lessons now so you don’t have to in the Draft Opens this weekend.

Drafting With Tim! ISD #3

Tim Aten puts his own entertaining spin on a Draft Walkthrough. If you want to give yourself every edge at the next Draft Open in Las Vegas, be sure to soak up this knowledge!

Drafting With Tim! ISD #2

Here we go into another draft with lovable Tim Aten at the helm. Read his picks and his draft report to get a sense of how to pick ’em at this weekend’s Draft Open.

Drafting With Tim! ISD #1

Tim Aten boots up Magic Online and powers through this draft while making some interesting decisions. He’s here to school you for this weekend’s Kansas City Draft Open.

Drafting With Tim – MSS #3!

Tuesday, March 8 – Tim Aten fires up the Magic Online (or MODO as the kids call it) for another Mirrodin Besieged-Scars of Mirrodin draft! Learn from this Limited master and take down one of our Draft Opens this weekend in Memphis!

Drafting With Tim – Mirrodin Besieged #2!

Thursday, March 3 – Tim Aten rocks out with Mirrodin Besieged drafts online, trying his best not to rare-draft. Follow his draft walkthrough and his pick process – What Would Tim Aten Do?

Drafting With Tim – Mirrodin Besieged #1!

Tuesday, March 1 – Tim Aten, Codfather of The Glub Club, brings you the first Mirrodin Besieged / Scars of Mirrodin 8-4 draft walkthrough on StarCityGames.com! Follow him pick by pick and read his match report.

All Fairness: Part 2

Thursday, December 2nd – Tim Aten continues his GP Nashville report with part 2! While opening Sealed pools, the guy opening Tim’s cards frantically tries to get his attention. “Congratulations,” he offers. Congratulations? For what…?

All Fairness: Part 1

Thursday, November 25th – GP Nashville may not have been one of Tim Aten’s most successful of undertakings, but something excellent does come out of it in the end… this “report.”