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Pugg Fuggly has been writing about the game of Magic since before he was born. He took a long sabbatical for puberty, but he's back with a Vengeance! Also some Chimney Imps. He claims he is not Ted Knutson.

SCG Daily: A Content-Free Wednesday

Sorry, but those of you looking forward to my Bounceland draft walkthrough are going to have to wait another day. I know, it’s torture for me too. At least I get the opportunity to tie up a few loose ends, as well as some that aren’t very loose at all.
Yep, this is one of those random, mixed-bag, kitchen-sink type articles all writers do once in a while when they’re struggling (except the good ones). Did I say struggling? I meant thriving!

SCG Daily: Food for Thought – 5CX in Triple Rav

If yesterday’s exploration of a league build-in-progress_ was a departure from my typical article, then so will this be. A departure. Sort of. It’s about a new draft archetype that may or may not be good, but after this article will certainly exist at least, and that’s something.

SCG Daily: Big League Chew

Those of you who have followed my work over the past few years will likely have noticed that I try to push the envelope in my writing, to stretch outside the boundaries of the standard Magic article, to innovate. Nothing evokes this sense of adventure and discovery like a bajillion draft walkthroughs. Sure, the Eisels and Willses of the world might give you umpteen or even eleventy walkthroughs, but I’m the first and last to break the bajillion walkthrough barrier – and they said it couldn’t be done.
Still, I’m not sure that’s enough, so this week I’m going to blow your mind. This means I’m going to do the same old thing, but also do some slightly different things. Shazam!

SCG Daily – 9th Edition Style!

What’s that you say? You want a 9th Edition draft walkthrough? Well today Pugg Fuggly is on the scene, serving up foamy mugs of core set walkthroughs for every customer, 9th Edition style!

SCG Daily: Ask Pugg

Tune in to this very special edition of SCG Daily, where Pugg Fuggly asks questions like: “What’s it like to be a professional bartender?” and “Do you ever get tired of serving fat guys?”

SCG Daily – Sayonara, Kamigawa

Pugg takes old Kamigawa around the block for one last spin while pondering a variety of issues facing Magic writers today. No one works harder to bring you your daily dose of Star City goodness than this animated pseudonym.

SCG Daily – Super Secret Tech

Today Mr. Fuggly completes his draft review and also lets Magic Online players in on a huge secret that reinstates one of the original (but now disabled) functions of Magic Online.


Drafting with Pugg this week has been a very good time for all parties involved and the forums have been crackling with energy and feedback about each walkthrough. Of course, most of us keep waiting for the other shoe to drop – for Pugg to draft a really sweet deck for all of us to glory in. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

SCG Daily: The Pathos Less Traveled

The worst offense yesterday had to be in 303, where I took the Blademane Baku over Genju of the Falls. Forgive me for this transgression. Honestly, when I sat down and typed out that draft, even I felt like calling myself a moron in the forums. I came up with a lame excuse why I passed it, but hey, let’s just pretend I was on both crack and PCP when I did that. Except on June 3rd. That’s my court date.

SCG Daily: MODO Genuine Draft

Hello once again. So much has happened since yesterday. How about that Pro Tour Player’s club, eh? What about the return of Family Guy, huh? Remember that last article of mine, do you? Me neither, so I’m stalling for time while I reread it. I learned a lot from yesterday’s draft, and especially the kind and not so kind forum responses from the article. Many thanks to all who wrote in and crushed my fragile spirits! In the spirit of the fine forum responses I received, I shall detail the lessons I learned yesterday and use them to guide me in today’s draft.