AuthorJared Sylva

Jared Sylva is the Organized Play Department Manager for StarCityGames. He attends all of StarCityGames Invitationals and Grand Prix as well as Pro Tours and Grand Prixs as a Level 3 Judge. With a long history as a Head Judge and Tournament Organizer for many large events, Jared is widely recognized as a Magic Judge Program leader in tournament operations and logistics.

Grand Prix Miami: 2 Days Out!

Jared Sylva is back to tell you about all of the environmental perks of Grand Prix Miami! Click here to view venue maps, navigation help, and everything else you need to keep from being lost when you arrive at the site!

Grand Prix Miami: 3 Days Out!

With a Grand Prix event, it takes a whole crew to bring you the best experience possible. Who are you going to see and interact with at the event? SCG’s own Jared Sylva explains it all!

Grand Prix New Jersey: 7 Days Out!

Level 4 Judge Jared Sylva checks in and tells you about all the astounding logistics that will make Grand Prix New Jersey comfortable for all attendees regardless of turnout!

Too Much Information – Legacy: Two Months of Data

Thursday, December 2nd – A lot has happened in two months, and the SCG Player€™s Club is even more incentive to attend and dominate the SCG Open Series. Jared shows why you’re probably playing the wrong deck and weighs in on Survival.

(Way) Too Much Information – Compiled Legacy Results

Grand Prix GP Columbus July 30-August 1, 2010
Tuesday, July 27th – With the Grand Prix fast approaching, Jared gives us a comprehensive look at the past six months of StarCityGames.com Legacy Opens. What decks are you most likely to see, what archetypes stand out among the crowd, and what decks are seeing entirely too little play? The answers lie within!