AuthorJared Sylva

Jared Sylva is the Organized Play Department Manager for StarCityGames. He attends all of StarCityGames Invitationals and Grand Prix as well as Pro Tours and Grand Prixs as a Level 3 Judge. With a long history as a Head Judge and Tournament Organizer for many large events, Jared is widely recognized as a Magic Judge Program leader in tournament operations and logistics.

Feature Article – Bigger and Better: The StarCityGames.com Open Series

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Friday, March 19th – If you have been paying attention to the recent StarCityGames.com Open Series events in Richmond and Indianapolis, you know that attendance records are being broken left and right. Jared has some exciting announcements about new policies to deal with the increased attendance and to make the StarCityGames.com Open Weekends even better!

Too Much Information – StarCityGames.com Legacy Open: Richmond

StarCityGames.com Open Series: Indianapolis on March 13-14
Monday, March 8th – The record breaking attendance in Richmond provides the most data ever presented in the Too Much Information article series. Today we focus on the StarCityGames.com Legacy Open. With Merfolk taking home the hardware, and six of the Top 16 spots, the metagame looks to bring a little more hate for the fish this weekend in Indy.

Too Much Information – Pro Tour: San Diego

StarCityGames.com Open Series: Indianapolis on March 13-14
Thursday, March 4th – It€™s been just over a week since PT: San Diego, and Jared has all of the information to take the Pros tech back home. From the emergence of Boss Naya to the reassertion of Jund, the metagame looks more open than some predicted. Worldwake finally made the splash that we were hoping for, placing cards in every deck that posted an 8€“2 or better record.

Too Much Information: PTQ San Juan – Roanoke, VA

SCG Open Richmond!

Tuesday, February 16th – With the first results from the post Worldwake Extended events starting to trickle in, we put the TMI microscope over the PTQ in Roanoke. Many of the Online trends have filtered into the real world with a Thopter Depths mirror in the finals, but did Worldwake make an impact?

Too Much Information: Dallas / Fort Worth Legacy Open

In the Dallas/Fort Worth StarCityGames.com Legacy Open, we were once again presented with a fairly open field in Legacy, although Fish seemed to be the deck to expect to see a couple of times over the course of the tournament. More than a third of the Fish decks (5 of 14) in the field made the top 16 so if you hope to be at the top tables, you will want to be packing some answers to the pesky little guys.

Too Much Information – St. Louis Standard Open

Sunday, December 13th – The StarCityGames.com Open Series launched with a bang in St. Louis! The tournament information presented here is new and improved, as Jared Sylva has the scoop on Day 1 and the surprising results from a field full of Jund. If you are looking for information on the Standard metagame, you€™ve come to the right place!

Too Much Information – The 2009s

SCG 10k St. Louis Offers First Chances to Qualify for the 2010 StarCityGames.com Invitational!
Wednesday, December 9th – In the first installment of a new regular feature on StarCityGames.com, Events Manager Jared Sylva brings you a comprehensive look at the Virginia and West Virginia 2009s Championships. Here€™s all of the information that you need to break down the tournaments and draw your own conclusions. Get the info, do the math, and get a leg up!

Feature Article – The 2010 StarCityGames.com Open Series: Head Judges!

Claim your territory at The 2009's State and Provincial Championships!
Friday, November 27th – What has 89 levels of Head Judge and 16 stops in 2010? Jared explores what a Head Judge means to a large tournament, and reveals all of the Head Judges for the 2010 StarCityGames.com Opens. He explains why he’s really excited about this year’s crop and, whether you are a player or a judge, why you should be too!

Feature Article – More Input: 2 Days, 318 Deck Lists, 1 Answer

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Wednesday, May 13th – If there is one lesson that this past weekend’s dual PTQ in Richmond has for those of us attending the upcoming Regionals, it is that you have two choices: Beat Black/White Tokens, or Play Black/White Tokens. Today, I take a look at the statistics that resulted from the entire weekend, and come up with a comprehensive metagame plan for the coming Regionals tournaments… Enjoy!