I'm a student, 27 years old, living with my girlfriend in Utrecht. I learned to play by myself, but soon got alot of help from Jaap Brouwer back in March 1996; Jaap became a good friend, and I started helping him with the tournaments he organised. Jaap passed his level 1 at GP - Amsterdam '97 (the very first GP) and I passed mine in Oktober 1997, We both passed level 2 in december 1997, and reached our unofficial level 3 in January 1998. GP Antwerp saw our level 3's confirmed by Wizards. We judged alot of tourneys together even co-headjudging a GP after he became ill after day one (I had the easy day two, so all credit goes to him). I finally reached level 4 at worlds in Sydney.

I have never played tourney-level Magic; I love both the fun aspect of the game aswell as the competition. Next to Magic, I play (beach) volleyball, RPG's, Squash, Baseguitar, and loads of boardgames. I collect Legends (the creatures) and useually play a deck stuffed with them in multiplayer. I always carry around a Bear deck (I really like Polar Bears) in which a lot of the cards have bears drawn in the picture by the artists.

My Virgin Vintage Voyage

At Nationals last year, I started trading for the Power Nine. Being a judge, you get those nice judge foils and boxes for judging at Pro Tours and Grand Prix – but no old cards. At Reims, I managed to get the last part: A Mox Ruby. Now all I had to do was wait for the new year before I could play with my goodies.

Wacky Wednesdays #27: What Was That Masked Exchange?

Sengir Autocrat, Mask of the Mimic, and Cultural Exchange combine to create a frenzy of exchange – and a token-nabbing error in play that only StarCity’s own”Ask The Judge” could catch. Why not tell YOUR craziest multiplayer error and win $5 in StarCity credit?

Wacky Wednesdays #23: Combo2000

Gis is looking for obscure cards for the time being, but for right now he’s dealing with a VERY famous card… Not only is it banned, but it’s Tom van de Logt’s baby. What card is it? Read it and share your best multiplayer store for $5 in StarCity credit!

Wacky Wednesdays Makes The Nationals, or: Why I Am One Lucky Judge!

It was Wednesday afternoon, my girlfriend was going away for the weekend, and I had no real plans yet. There was a qualifier for Dutch Nationals on Saturday – so I called Jaap to see if he was going. He would let me know Thursday, because he still had stuff to finish, he called and…