Wacky Wednesdays #23: Combo2000

Gis is looking for obscure cards for the time being, but for right now he’s dealing with a VERY famous card… Not only is it banned, but it’s Tom van de Logt’s baby. What card is it? Read it and share your best multiplayer store for $5 in StarCity credit!

This weekend was the Dutch Nationals; I went a whopping 6-5-1, placing 27th. It was a bit disappointing in the end, because I was 6-3 going into the last three rounds. Why is this relevant, you wonder…

Well, guess who won?

World Champion Tom van de Logt managed to win, taking his third National title. What was the deck that made him famous? The deck that got him to the top 8 of Worlds 2000?

Combo2000 by M. Kelley

There we were; me playing a B/W/G Replenish deck, facing a blue splash green control deck and B/R/G Terminator at the kitchen table. Terminator played out a few random Blazing Specters and Spiritmongers, which I was quick to soul link. These began to swing at the control player and boosted my life total, which was dropping from nonbasic painlands. Every turn I would attempt to cast something to stall – a Pestilence, some more Soul Links, a Yawgmoth’s Bargain out of desperation and finally two Saproling Bursts – all of these were countered.

Terminator attempts a monger; that’s countered, and I Heroes’ Reunion, followed by Bargaining a new hand. U/g is nearly tapped out with a small hand, and Terminator has no cards. I untap, draw, and cast an Opalesence to draw out the counter from U/g. I show the Replenish and throw down all the previously countered enchantments. Pestilence nets me fifty life with two soul links, and both players die to Bargains and Bursts swinging.

Next week:

After looking at this weeks tourney-worthy cards, I think it would be fun to see what crazy things people can do with the obscure and least played cards. Have any stories that contain cards that most people won’t know about? Please send them to [email protected].

‘Til next week, have fun,


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