Wacky Wednesdays #17: …And The World Went BOOM!

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Blowing up things is cool; they’re talking about blowing up lands the whole week at magicthegathering.com, so I decided to jump in with a little story which leaves little lands in it’s wake.

…And The World Went BOOM! by Tyler Duane Barr

I live in a small town, and therefore there aren’t many other magic players… So we were playing a standard two-headed giant game. I am the best player in my group, so I was paired with the worst player, Ben. Ben hasn’t been playing long; probably about four months. As you probably figured, he was playing red/green beatdown. I, however, was playing a more interesting deck that used the Mana Flare/Fireball/Radiate/CoP: Red combo.

We’re in the late game, and Brian is playing a domain deck that either beats down with Cromat, or just stalls until it can win via Coalition Victory. My other opponent, Justin, is playing a Counter-Nomads deck. The Coalition Victory player has the game stalled with a Cromat/Spirit of Resistance. I also have an Ensnaring Bridge and an Aether Flash in play, stopping everyone else from doing anything. My partner has a Fires in play, and I have my Mana Flare. I’m holding a Jokulhaups but don’t want to play it, as it will just be countered. I have been telling Ben not to play any creatures for quite a while, knowing that I might draw an Obliterate.

I draw a Wake of Destruction and attempt to destroy all of their blue sources. Justin counters with a Syncopate… But that fool taps out to play it! I allow the Wake to be countered, then both Ben and I tap out and I play Jokulhaups. We float a combined total of around forty assorted red and green mana. He lays every creature in his hand, and we swing for plenty enough to finish them off.

A Little Extra

As a little extra, I have a little story about a bad Consult. I know this is something all you Necro/Donate players have hundreds of stories about, but I wonder how many people actulaly play Demonic Consultation in multiplayer.

The Perfect Opening Hand, by Daniel Mitchell

I was playing my mono-black combo deck: Contamination, Nether Spirit, Darkest Hour and Spreading Plague. My opening hand had everything but the Nether Spirit, plenty of Dark Rituals, and Demonic Consultation. I took a chance, flopped down the Consultation, and named Nether Spirit. The first card I flip over…

…Was the only Nether Spirit in the deck. I lose.

Next Week

I played in a random multiplayer game the Friday before GP: Antwerp. I’ll tell you all about it next week. If you have any cool stories, please send them to [email protected].

‘Til next week, have fun!


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