Wacky Wednesdays #24: What Do You Do With Green In The Pool?

How do you Necrologia for seventeen and still win the game with one mana? I bet someone out there knows…. And if you do, why not share it and win $5 in StarCity credit?

Last time, I asked you to send in stories about obscure cards; some people misunderstood this and I got decklists instead. I don’t want to keep these from you, so here is a deck containing some obscure cards, with the comments:

4 Tropical Island

14 Islands

4 Forests

2 Dust Bowl

4 Manabond (Weird #1)

4 Ovinomancer (Definitely strange #2!)

4 Counterspell

4 Arcane Denial

3 Fact or Fiction

2 Stroke of Genius

2 Grindstone

3 Evacuation

2 Millstone

3 Vexing Arcanix (Another one ya don’t see too much)

2 Morphling

2 Sunder

1 Time Spiral

The deck sure looks strange – but if anyone decides to play it email me and I’ll send the report on to”Baltak,” the designer of the deck.

Someone named Jeff O.T. challenged me to built a deck around the combo of Dueling Grounds and Questing Phelddagrif; he claims it works in multiplayer. If it actually does work, please let me know.

Now on to this weeks story, I have another submission by Tim Ward; I just couldn’t resist using it this week, as there are some nice and obscure cards in there.

What Do You Do With Green In The Pool? by Tim Ward

This was a couple years ago, so the memory’s a little hazy. We’re playing a four-player game, and I’m playing a black/green Reanimator-type deck that was feared enough that my friends would cringe once it got going. (In retrospect, it wasn’t that great and it relied on some silly tricks to work, but it was fun to play.)

I was at eighteen life, with a couple small black creatures on the board, four creatures in my graveyard, and my friend J. is facing me down with a Mahamoti Djinn. My friend D. across the way has a bunch of white critters including a White Knight. I definitely do not have board advantage.

I drew Necrologia, and decide to go for the gusto, figuring that if it fails it will at least be interesting. I play it, let my friends think about it for a minute and then announce,”What the hell. Seventeen cards. Let’s roll the dice.” I had six lands in play, so I tapped five to pay for the Necrologia, leaving only a forest untapped. I peel seventeen cards off my library and go down to 1, and then have to discard down to seven.

It took me awhile to figure out what to throw away and which seven cards to keep out of the more than twenty I had in my had, but I ended up with twelve creatures in my graveyard. The discard ends my turn, so I pass to my friend R., who untaps… And I hold up my hand and say,”during your upkeep, tap G, play…

Blossoming Wreath.





Gain life equal to the number of creature cards in your graveyard.

I was gambling I’d draw it off the Necrologia, and I did (I had three in the deck; proof that the deck wasn’t really all that good). I gain twelve life back and breathe a big sigh of relief. My turn rolls around. I play Song of the Damned…



Ice Age Common

Add B to your mana pool for each creature in your graveyard…

For twelve, tap out, Drain my friend R. out of the game, and get myself back up over twenty. Next turn, cast a 12/12 Revenant. Turn after that, burn ten life to play a Minion of the Wastes, so I have a 12/12 flyer and a 10/10 trampler on the board. Fortunately, no one Unsummoned or Controlled either creature, so I swiftly stormed my way to victory.

Next week

For next week, I have a story by Peter Jahn, abusing new cards with old cards and everything in between.

If you have any interesting multiplayer stories to tell, send them to [email protected].

‘Til next week, have fun,