Wacky Wednesdays #19: The Next To Last Laugh

Win $5 by sharing your craziest multiplayer stories! In this story, the biggest card to hit multiplayer since Congregate obliterates opponents in a wave of death….

Yep; it’s Last Laugh again. This Torment card sure made a lot of impact on casual games around the world. In Wacky Wednesdays #12 , we already had a story featuring this cool black card. Then, last Friday, the black part of the Multiplayer Hall of Fame was presented by Mr. Alongi, putting”The Laugh” in 5th place -a good place to start at for such a new card. Monday, we saw Peter Jahn trying to make a competitive deck with Last Laugh in his” Ha ” article; he apparently realized that the card is really made more for fun than profit and made a more casual build. So let’s laugh and venture into the world of Magic Online.

The Next To Last Laugh, by Nathan Long

I was playing my Last Laugh deck on Magic Online one night. The combo is Sphere of Grace, Lashknife Barrier, and Last Laugh to kill everything on the board but my creatures and protect me. It was a four-player game and it was turn 6. The opponent to my left was playing white weenie and had five creatures in play, a Divine Sacrament, and was at nineteen life. Next was a mono-green player, who had about five 1/1s in play at the moment and was at fourteen life. Next was a R/W/B player with only a single Spectral Lynx in play, but he was at fifteen life.

Meanwhile, I had two Blood Pets, a Mystic Familiar, and a Sphere of Grace in play. I drop the Last Laugh and sac a Blood Pet. Chaos ensues. After the dust settles, the board is cleared of all creatures, the white weenie player is at five, the mono-green player is dead, and the R/W/B player was at one.

Meanwhile, I’m still at nineteen (thanks to a single point of mana burn). Total damage dealt by Last Laugh: About 67. Suffice to say, I managed to pull out the victory.


The story is a little short this week and Mike J. sent me the following short story. I know it’s from a duel, but I thought it showed how to effectively stomp someone.

Stomping People by Mike J.

I have a fun green deck that features mana elves, four Thorn Elementals, four Rhoxen, and lots of creature pump… This is a deck that hasn’t changed since the addition of Harrow a while back. I was playing a game against a player running a straight Sligh deck. Before the game, he told me that since Sligh should be able to speed by my elves and big creatures, he would only attack and target me with the burn. He basically ignored my creatures.

Bad mistake.

The game goes like this:

T1:  Me: Forest, Llanowar Elf, Go

Him: Mountain, Jackal Pup, Go (20,20)

T2:  Me: Forest, Harrow (Sac Forest), Forest, Forest, Rofellos, Go

Him: Mountain, Scent of Cinder, Attack, Go (13,20)

T3:  Me: Forest, Rhox, Go

Him: Mountain, Bolt, Shock, Jackal Pup, Go (8, 20)

T4:  Me: Forest, Thorn Elemental, Go

Him: (Seeing that he’s not going to win) Bolt, attack all, Go (5, 8)

T5:  Me: Attack, Might of Oaks, Giant Growth (5, -14) WIN

Okay… I had a God draw and he made major play mistakes by ignoring my creatures. But outside of combo, I have never dealt thirty-four damage by turn 5 before… Especially with a creature deck! It’s fun when things go perfectly.

Next week

I’m always looking for more stories, so email me at [email protected] . Otherwise I might have to tell the tale of some drunk people who should not have been playing anymore.

‘Til then, have fun,


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