Wacky Wednesdays #16: Angry Balduvian Hordes On The Loose!

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Last week, I speculated about old cards; Balduvian Hordes doesn’t feel old to me. I started playing in March 1996, so Alliances was the first set which was released while I was playing. On the other hand, thinking about the fact that I started playing six years ago does make me feel like a little bit of an old timer. But when I said old last week, I meant old – Alpha old. For cards to be the centerpiece of a story, we need to have good or funny cards… And the cards starring in this episode clearly fall in the good category, as both are banned in Type I. So let’s find out which cards are used to make a raging Balduvian Hordes.

Angry Balduvian Hordes On The Loose! by Bradley Kraus

Okay – this was a few years ago when me and my friends would sit around for hours, playing really long, drawn-out multiplayer games…..

It was my turn during my upkeep, I Berserked, and Forked the Berserk, targeting my Balduvian Horde – making it a 20/5 trampler. Afterwards, before my draw step, I Reclaimed both the Berserk and Fork, then drew both of them again during my draw step because I had a Howling Mine in play. During my main phase, I proceeded to Fork and Berserk my Horde again… But my one opponents decided to be funny and counter the Fork (leaving my Horde a measly 40/5).

He thought he was safe because of his two Maze of Iths in play, but the general consensus was that it wasn’t cool to counter my fork because they all wanted to see a 80/5 Trampler on the loose – so my friend next to me who was playing control kindly decided to tap both of his Mazes with two of his Icy Manipulators. I proceeded to pound Mr. Counterspell into next Tuesday with the 40/5 trampling Balduvian Horde – and after combat damage was dealt, another of my friends decides to be a nice guy by Swords to Plowsharing my Horde for me!

Wasn’t that nice of him?

Next Week

I have no stories for next week yet, so please send them in and you’ll make a good chance on the $5 credit. Have fun during the Easter weekend! As a little extra, Bradley Kraus wrote me another story, also involving Fork and Berserk:

…And Then, Grakk Had Wings.

On a non-multiplayer note. I was playing with my one friend another time with a similar deck and… I cast Ball Lightning, declared my attack, and proceeded to Bloodlust, Berserk, and Fork the Berserk, making it a 40/1 Trampler.

He snickers, and I ask him:”Whats so funny?”

He goes,”Here; I’ll show you.” He proceeds to tap three plains and casts Afterlife, targeting my Ball Lightning. So my 40/1 Hasted Trampler turned into a 1/1 White Flyer.

‘Til next week, have fun!


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