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The Human Component

So how was it possible for me to I have fun if all my hopes couldn?t come true? The key was the people who I played with.

The Daily Shot: Work With Me

I don’t gravitate towards games that are”like work.” You can play Magic: The Gathering as a lark and not have a care in the world. It isn’t the games – it’s me. I make my games like work. Do you?

My Wife The Unicorn

I learned a very important lesson at GenCon – not necessarily about OBC, but about Magic in general. But to get to the lesson, you’ll have to stay with me through a discussion of the World’s Weirdest Top 8, a Big Decision made before the tourney, and the usual fluff that I put in my so-called articles.

The Daily Shot: CARDS

Bad cards, bad cards, whatcha’ gonna’ do? Whatcha gonna do, when they come for you?

The Daily Shot Patrol arrests the worst 3-cc cards of all time!

Quick Thoughts On The Three-Judge System

Even Your Move Games, one of the best-attended game stores in the USA, occasionally needs the three-judge system. We could probably have found a way around it – perhaps by bullying one of the judges to skip playing that week – but I know I won’t be that judge. Is Magic really better off if one of the other people who loves it has to choose between playing and judging in a small, low-K tournament?

A Gathering Of Magic

Usually, I have Friday night services at my temple that start at exactly the same time as the Friday Night Magic tournament. Last Friday, however, services ended a whopping hour before they usually begin , so I got to head over to StarCity Games for some much-needed Magic playing.

The Daily Shot: Ten On Three

How many good creatures have there been for three mana? What other three-mana creatures have influenced environments? Can we count them on one hand, or maybe two? Is this as silly as I think it might be?

Multiplayer Is An Art, Part 15: A Mental Note.

Heard about this Mental Magic format, but don’t know how to start? Stijn introduces you to perhaps THE wackiest format in Magic, the house rules they’ve developed from years of play, and solid strategy to use when you decide to make your Wild Mongrel into a Seedtime.

OBC Fires, Take II: The Continuing Exploits of R/G

Fires-IELN was metagamed heavily towards the mirror and Quiet Roar; those were both matchups that my R/G deck lost to initially. And while Origins was chock-full of Quiet Speculation, the environment has morphed into more Mono Black Control. I had to change it back.

OBC Rogue: Recoup D’Evil

I pretty much scrap the idea of trying to work on Recoup D’Evil, just because I don’t have the time it looks like I will need to make this deck work. My phone rings and it’s Kevin Davis – a local player who asks me about the deck.”Have you given up on it?” “Yeah, pretty much,” I say.”Don’t,” he replies. “We’ve made some improvements.”

Double or Nothing: PTQ Houston in Bath

All right, so Jim didn’t do that well at the tourey itself… But he brought back a detailed chart of what did well, what percentages of decks did well, and what the winning decks had in them! Want to know what cards fuel the latest decks? Check it out.

The Daily Shot: Thankew, Thankew, Thankew

In truth, this is my”thank you” column. We’ve been going for three months now (ever since I started this whole thing off with”Five Articles In Five Days”), with no signs of slowing down, and it’s been a great ride. The shaky early days are over, and I’m getting the feeling you’re going to be seeing me on StarCity, every day, for a long, long time.

Not Dead Yet: Thoughts On Peasant Magic And Type One

What I have noticed about Peasant Magic are that it seems very beatdown-oriented; if I remember right, the Origins top eight were all beatdown decks. But Pauper Magic allows you to play with ideas like CounterBurn, Control Black, and Millstone… And attract customers to your store.