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A Healthy Compromise

How does Wizards’ change in policy towards the Magic storyline affect the King of the Storylines? Why not look and see?

The Casual Report #9: Amateur All-Torment Draft!

Pre-game show: Our group had been planning to try doing a draft. Only Scott has ever done a draft before – so this would be a group of pure rookies, drafting cards. Most of us were looking forward to it as a change of pace. After a couple of failed attempts, everyone was agreed that…

Double or Nothing: Countdown

I called up a friend in the middle of the night to ask him:””What has Torment brought us that makes ‘Tog worse than it was?” “Hi, Jim,” was his reply. I forgot that not everybody thinks about Magic all of the time.

Price of Progress: Pro Tour – Osaka Report

The randomness, the sheer absurdity of this event going on, out of sight, with only a few observers… It seemed like those lucky enough to be passing by at just the right time were being given a gift. At least, that’s what it felt like to me.

Overmaster Sligh

Mike Flores forgot about Millikin Sligh – a deck that’s making a splash at foreign Regionals. Can Bennie find a way to make it more efficient?

Myriad Thoughts On Blue’s Power (And How To Fix It)

I do love a good argument more than almost anything else in the world. Alpha Dan May’s article was in fact, originally an e-mail to me, which I promptly wrote a reply to – then Internet Explorer crashed and I instead decided rather than explaining to Mr. May the nature of the beast, I would…

King of the Compost Heap: New Black Control

Shortly after the prerelease, I did what most players probably did- I went home and built some black decks. A few were decent…. But most were pretty lousy. Annoyed, I tossed my Black creations in the dreaded”work-in-progress” box and spent my time testing other colors and color-combinations. Then work in my college classes kicked into…