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Survivor Stories

NEWSFLASH: The Ferrett’s not going to Barcelona. Why? Read on, Macduff… And get some multiplayer”tech” and your hands in the fire.

Peace of Mind: Happy New Year

Farewell, 6th Edition. Good riddance. But what does 7th have to offer in the way of”Damn!”s,”Whoo-hoo!”s,”Hmmm…”s and”Shrug”s?

Casual Play: Multiplayer Combos

You can deal lethal damage to all opponents. You can deck everyone else. Or you can create an amazing hard lock and force everyone to concede.

Multiplayer Is An Art: Part 3: Corpse Dance

Death. Decay. Destruction. Doom. Those are all catchwords that have been missing in my two previous stories. The Gargoyles only used the tiniest bit of black, and didn’t use red at all. The United Nations were hypocritical in their white-and-blueness. You all most certainly think I’m a sissy for only writing about those happy happy…

Grand Prix Tourney Report *35th*

Grand Prix Detroit. Nothing could have prepared me for it. My name’s , and though by day I’m a 20-year-old computer technician, there’s only two things I’ve ever been really good at: Writing, and playing Magic. Here’s the story of Grand Prix Detroit- you might call it”A Tale Of Two Hippos”. When I say”nothing could…

Grand Prix Tourney Report *35th* Part 2

The extra card was only in my hand for about 0.5 of a second before Amos and I both noticed – but it didn’t matter- it had been in my hand. I’m sure there are parts of his job that Mr. Donais doesn’t like, and telling some poor guy from Sarnia that he’s getting a…