AuthorNathan J. Xaxson

Far away from the tournament scene, scores of competitive players sit around the kitchen table and play Magic like it was the Pro Tour, knowing that it's the closest thing real life will allow. Nathan J has been playing since Beta and has gathered insights that come from this unique competitive-casual perspective.

Legacy Prep: Stirring up Controversy

I’m afraid that right now, unless Legacy has some more major circuit events like another Grand Prix or even a Pro Tour, it will be resigned to fall back into stagnation. There is little innovation, and that’s partly due to the fact that the format is still underplayed. C’mon — four Goblin decks in the last Top 8? Solidarity is still the only viable combo? What’s up with that?

The Road to Regionals — The Meta, and Reverse-Engineering U/W Control

Magic the Gathering Regionals!

In today’s installment of our Road to Regionals series, Nathan takes a look at the evolving metagame, giving us a rundown of the decks to beat complete with the pros and cons of each. On top of this, he presents an interesting Blue/White control build that may be the key to success in the traditionally aggro-dominated Regionals tournaments. If you like your Magic games to progress past turn 6, then it could be the deck for you…

Der Gangsta Rebbe: Deckbuilding for Beginners, or the Rule of Nine

There are lots of great articles on this site for beginners, but there’s little out there aimed at getting people started on their own. Anybody can copy a deck… it’s another thing to design and build it yourself. It’s time that changed. Today’s lesson is all about the introduction to the fundamentals of deck design, with my beginner’s tips.

Azusa’s Revenge — Turboland Revisited

Red/Green Turboland? WTF? Isn’t Turboland supposed to be U/G with stuff like Gush, now banned in Legacy? What are you spewing, Mr. X? You must be one crazy old fart, let me tell you.

Yeah, so?

It’s been rather weird, how this deck came together. It’s entirely my own creation, so I will take credit for its success.

SCG Daily: Kitchen Table Drafting with Ravnica, Part 1

Nathan’s known for his groundbreaking insights into the Legacy format. He’s proven himself again and again in the Constructed arena. But our readers wanted to know – how good is Mr. Xaxson’s Kung-Fu when he’s facing five friends in a four-pack Ravnica kitchen table booster draft? Find out inside!

SCG Daily – Why I Heart Ravnica

As many of you know, I have an aversion to buying more than a few packs of each set. This is because most often, the contents of a pack don’t typically justify the purchase. Ravnica, however, is awesome.

Legacy Prep: Building Blocks, Landstill, and a Request for Chris Romeo

Unlike Vintage, Legacy deck construction hinges more on “building blocks” rather than individual broken cards. It means that despite the huge card pool, there is actually a very restricted range of available tools (read: good cards) to use, many of which are highly conditional. Today I’m going to give you an extensive breakdown of the various building blocks available to Legacy deckbuilders and contribute a fresh deck of my own for your perusal.

Reviewing Ravnica for Legacy: The Five Colors

Let’s talk turkey. Set reviews are one of those evil necessities we writers have to do. We do it not because we want to, but because we have no life and have a fascination with mechanically scrutinizing to-be-printed 5′ x 3′ pieces of cardboard. Or simply because you readers love them. Admit it, you know you do.