AuthorDan Spero

Dan is one of the leading developers of Three-Color Threshold in the Legacy format. He also moderates the Legacy forums at The Mana Drain, where he regales forum dwellers with his wry wit and demented sense of humor."

Unlocking Legacy – The Tutelage of Thich Nhat Hanh, Part 2

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Wednesday, March 19th – Anyone who knows my writing from other websites knows that I need little provocation to write a tournament report. If someone looks at me cross-eyed: I’ll write a tournament report. If I stub a toe on the coffee table in living room while drunk: I’ll write a tournament report. And when I have two first place finishes at local Legacy tournaments fresh in my memory, you can bet your ass I’ll write a tournament report.

Unlocking Legacy – The Tutelage of Thich Nhat Hanh, Part 1

Read Legacy articles every week... at StarCityGames.com!
The key to success in any competitive endeavor is the Will to Win. This is a disposition of the mind to overcome obstacles, maximize incremental advantage and prevail victorious in the face of unfavorable odds. It is, in essence, a psychological mindset. A positive attitude to win comes more naturally to some people than others, but everyone has bad days and winning in the long run requires a certain mental training in this area.

Unlocking Legacy – Bardo’s Legacy Deck Bazaar

Grand Prix Columbus - May 19-20, 2007!

Countdown to Grand Prix: Columbus! In today’s Legacy article, Dan explores a lengthy list of his personal deck design successes and failures. This epic article brings a plethora of differing deck ideas to the table, each listed and filed in its appropriate archetype. Grand Prix: Columbus is just around the corner… be prepared!

Legacy Unlocked – Continued Explorations of Tier 1.5

In this article, Dan surveys 4-color Landstill and the Ill-Gotten Gains-based storm combo deck “IGGy Pop” in Legacy, concluding with an interview with the inventor of Angel Stompy, Patrick Maeder, better known around the Internet as GodzillA.

The Legacy Metagame, Part I: Format Overview and the “Big Three”

And lo! the Powers That Be decreed that the small yet vocal Legacy community be given a third Grand Prix with which to test their deck construction and metagaming prowess. Things couldn’t be better.

In preparation for GP: Columbus, I’ll be examining the current Legacy metagame and summarizing the decks that define it. This article is primarily written for Legacy novices, but I’ll be sure to add enough detailed analysis to make it worth the time of format regulars. You know who you are.

Legacy Psychatog

Control-based Psychatog has broken every format since the card’s printing in Odyssey block. To this day, despite numerous upheavals in its respective formats, Tog remains a top tier deck in Extended, taking First Place at Grand Prix: Los Angeles; and, in Vintage, taking Second Place at the most recent Waterbury, where it lost to Grow-a-Tog, of all things. But Psychatog’s absence in Legacy is perplexing.

Legacy Super Grow, Part IV: Strategy and Sideboard Guide

Why should you read this final part of a four-part series discussing Legacy Threshold decks? Because this past weekend, at the first Legacy Grand Prix ever, no less than three Threshold decks appeared in the Top 8, suddenly catapulting this archetype into “Deck to Beat” status, that’s why.

Legacy Super Grow, Part III: Tuning the Maindeck and Sideboard

When I sit down to play a game of Magic, nothing delivers the goods like Super Grow. Because the things I enjoy doing the most in this fine game, namely, drawing tons of cards, countering everything thrown at me, and beating my opponent bloody with cheap and arbitrarily large creatures is what 3cThreshold does best.

The Many Flavors Of Fish In Legacy

Fish is one of the most popular decks in Vintage, and it’s equally popular in Legacy… and one of the reasons people love it is because it’s so darned customizable. You can build it out of almost any blue/x color combination, and it does well. But how do you need to change Fish to ensure its success in the creature-hostile Legacy format?