AuthorJamie Wakefield

Known as the King of Fatties, Jamie Wakefield is revered as one of the greatest tournament report writers of all time. He's been to the Pro Tour five times, qualifying three times with decks of his own creation.

The Combat Phase – I Am Not A Smart Man

Friday, December 10th – I pick cards no one else is using and try to build a deck that’s interesting and surprising. Not being a smart guy, the only way I can do this is the “Rocky” method. I just pound meat until I get a title shot.

The Combat Phase – Metropolis

Wednesday, November 10th – Jamie wants to go big or go home; he sleeves up some Baloths for Standard this week and plays a bunch of Scars of Mirrodin Limited online.

The Combat Phase – Evolution

Thursday, October 21st – Jamie’s first tournament experience in Madrid proves… interesting. The residents have two last names, no sense of personal space, and are addicted to Legacy. Jamie takes Secret Force to show ’em what he’s made of!

The Combat Phase – Scars and the Lucksack

Thursday, October 7th – Scars is a weak set. I like weak sets. I just wish they made more of them in a row. Power creep is a bad thing. The most powerful cards of old are crap compared to cards available in Standard? Really? That seems wrong.

Rats and the Wrath of Everything

Wednesday, September 15th – My writing lately has lacked the joy of the old articles. But I’m very joyful about Magic right now – so let me tell you about two crazy decks and one crazy wedding!

The Combat Phase – Last Gasp

The StarCityGames.com Open Series heads to Denver!
Monday, August 2nd – In this week’s edition of The Combat Phase, Jamie shares the story of his preparation for his final shot at qualification for Pro Tour: Amsterdam. He forgoes his pet Green deck for a more streamlined and successful archetype, and shares the highs and lows of his life in his usual Wakefield style.

The Combat Phase – Comedy Gold

Grand Prix GP Columbus July 30-August 1, 2010
Monday, July 5th – King of the Fatties Jamie Wakefield takes his Mono-Green deck for a spin at a recent PTQ. While he didn’t set the venue alight, his stories from the journey and the tournament floor provide an entertaining read. He also supplies another mono-colored Standard deck… one that doesn’t use Forests!

The Combat Phase – FNM Finale… and Surprise!

The StarCityGames.com Open Series heads to Denver!
Monday, June 28th – In today’s edition of The Combat Phase, Jamie Wakefield is doing what he does best – tweaking his Mono Green deck! He shares another entertaining slice of his life, alongside the usual cast of characters, and remakes his Green deck in his ongoing quest for Pro Tour Qualification.