AuthorSean McKeown

Sean McKeown is renowned for his ability to take existing archetypes and improve them. His articles often end up influencing constructed metagames from States and Regionals to the Pro Tour itself.

Dear Azami: The Endgame

Whenever you dominate a Commander game, what is that you feel? What purposes do your Magic games serve in any format? Dear Azami raises some interesting questions before waving goodbye.

Dear Azami: Choices, Choices

How can anyone not love the maximum amount of choices in a Magic game? What if we took as many spells as possible that made us make choices and put them into one build? The possibilities are (pretty much) endless!

Dear Azami: Partner Up!

Commander is an inherently social format, and it’s no surprise some commanders aren’t keen on flying solo! This week’s Dear Azami pairs partners from Theros for some four-color fun!

Dear Azami: Gitrog Unchained

A lot of us restrain ourselves when it comes to building broken Commander decks. But sometimes it’s a lot of fun to take the gloves off and see how ruthless you can get! Dear Azami shows no mercy this week!

Dear Azami: Gitrog Monster Mash

Sometimes a deck just doesn’t want to get out on the dancefloor. That’s when you write to Dear Azami! This week, Sean McKeown turns a reader’s quasi-combo wallflower of a deck into a smooth midrange marvel doing The Gitrog Monster Mash!

Dear Azami: Havoc

The traditionally more aggro Commander decks have been looking for more and more help, and they’re finally getting it! See the latest Grenzo brew that Dear Azami has cooked up for one needing reader!

Dear Azami: Melee!

Conspiracy: Take the Crown has provided a ton of new toys for Commander mages! Aggro mages included! See the latest commander Sean has starting a melee all over the format!

Dear Azami: Hail To The Queen

With Conspiracy returning to Draft and Commander tables everywhere soon, it’s a good time to take a look back at a legend that can still make waves! Take the crown at your next Commander pod with this build!

Dear Azami: Thalia, Heretic Commander

Sometimes, you just gotta play the Fun Police. Sean McKeown answers the Commander call of a reader who wants to take a walk on the strict side with Eldritch Moon newcomer Thalia, Heretic Cathar!

Dear Azami: Spawning Spiders

We’ve waited for a legendary eight-legged leader for far too long! Now we’ve got the commander; all we need is a supporting cast! Watch Sean McKeown weave together this weapon like a web in the latest Dear Azami!

Dear Azami: The Case For Emrakul

The last time Emrakul appeared, she got banned in Commander. What about the new version in Eldritch Moon? Sean McKeown lays out the distinctions that he thinks make the difference in keeping Emrakul, the Promised End off the banned list!

Dear Azami: Adamant Infestation

This week’s Dear Azami submission wants to use as many dice as possible, but the deck just isn’t shaping up! How does Sean intend to help? By using the oldest trick in the Commander book: going bigger!