AuthorNick Miller

Nick Miller is a Video Content and Coverage Associate for StarCityGames.com who lives in Roanoke, VA. He has played Magic off and on since Fifth Edition and spent the past ten years in the sports journalism field.

Gerard’s Wisdom

Three-time Open winner Gerard Fabiano is in fifth place on the Season Three Open Series leaderboard. Learn more about the Pro Tour mainstay as he works toward a spot in the Players’ Championship.

Open Series Notebook: July 25th, 2014

The Season Three points race is still anyone’s game as the Open Series hits Kansas City, MO this weekend. Can Joe Lossett hold onto his lead with the NewJersey Invitational coming at the end of August?

Points For Creativity

Jeff Hoogland is known on the Open Series as a serious brewer. Get to know more about the man behind Junk Midrange and Four-Color Loam as he chases an invite to the Players’ Championship.

Who’s The Boss?

Tom Ross won the Season Two Invitational and earned himself a poison token with his likeness. Learn more about The Boss and his dominance with aggressive strategies on the Open Series.

Roll Todd

With the Season Two Invitational this weekend, we look back at Atlanta 2012 Invitational winner Todd Anderson and his rise to one of the most storied players on the Open Series.

Open Series Notebook: June 6, 2014

All eyes will be on Chris VanMeter and Gerard Fabiano at #SCGPROV this weekend. Can CVM lock up the Players’ Championship berth or will Fabiano make things interesting at the Invitational next weekend?

On the Razor’s Edge

Chris VanMeter padded his lead on the Season Two leaderboard for the #SCGPC thanks to his performance at the West Virginia States championship. As the season races to an end, can CVM lock up his berth to the Players’ Championship?

Open Series Notebook

Get up to speed on the race for the StarCityGames.com Players’ Championship as we roll into #SCGStates weekend!

The Miracle Man

With the SCG Open Series heading to Cincinnati this weekend, check in on Joe Lossett as he makes a run for the SCG Players’ Championship this season!

The Power Of IQs

Nick Miller takes a look back at Derrick Sheets’ road to an SCG Players’ Championship berth and reveals the importance of Invitational Qualifiers.

The Rill Deal

Eric Rill has launched himself near the top of the Season Two leaderboard in the race to the Players’ Championship after his Legacy Open win in Milwaukee this past weekend.

Who Is Kent Ketter?

As we enter the second week of Season Two, let’s take a look back at the run Kent Ketter had during Season One, including three straight Standard Open Top 8s.