AuthorJess Stirba

Jess Stirba lives in Brooklyn, NY and has been playing Magic: the Gathering since the dark ages. While she's flirted with competitive Magic here and there, Commander is her true love. That love grew half out the friendships and conversations you can develop across the game table, and half from the creativity one can channel when brewing in the format. A specialist in quick fixes and alternate victory conditions, Jess will generally choose synergistic fun over raw power.

Dear Azami: Sands Dominaria

In one of the saddest sendoffs for the Commander world this year, Jess Stirba concludes her current run on Dear Azami. This week, she’s choosing to say goodbye with one of her personal favorites. Thanks for helping so many of us with our Commander decks, Jess!

Dear Azami: Clued In

Jess Stirba loves the investigate mechanic! That’s why she’s ready to help out a reader that needs a little something extra in their Commander deck! See what Dear Azami has come up with this week!

Dear Azami: Playing With Grace

Jess Stirba opens up the mailbag to help a forlorn reader define and improve their Commander deck’s focus! Read Jess’s tips to fine-tuning your build to be as tight and sleek as possible!

Dear Azami: Flashback Hordes

We’ve got a number of new graveyard tricks coming in Shadows over Innistrad! How can these best be used in Commander? Jess Stirba has some great and fun tricks for Magic’s special little discard pile!

Dear Azami: Bet It All On Black

Black may be the most powerful mono-color strategy in Commander. Sure, green has its own tricks, but black gets graveyard business, Zombies, and of course, life drain! See Jess spruce up a new mono-black build in this week’s Dear Azami!

Dear Azami: Dyadic Delights

They say love conquers all. That may or may not be true at the Commander table. Either way, Jess is feeling romantic enough to help out a lovely duo with their latest Commander deck problems!

Dear Azami: Landfall

Landfall is traditionally an aggro mechanic, and there aren’t many Commander brews out there that scream aggro. Fortunately, we’ve got a new legendary kid on the block that will aggro you out with lands like never before!

Dear Azami: Zurgo Bloodsucker

Zurgo may have one creature type, but he very much has the ability of another! See this very creative take on one of the meanest Khans of the bunch in this week’s Dear Azami!

Dear Azami: Good King Karlov

The season of giving has inspired one Dear Azami reader to donate their winnings! See the deck that provided Jess with a new and unique Commander challenge!

Dear Azami: Ten Tweaks

Jess is going hard on brevity this week with one of the most underrated tribes in Commander (and Magic)! Get your scry triggers ready and have your knowledge on tap, because it’s time to free the Sphinxes!

Dear Azami: Commander 2015 Updates, Part 1

It’s time to deconstruct the preconstructed! Jess Stirba is taking the latest in Commander products and tearing them apart with some very interesting and wallet-friendly restrictions! Read on!

Dear Azami: Draining

Halloween may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some bloodsucking to be had at the Commander Celebration tables at Grand Prix Atlanta! Jess helps one needy reader get his fangs back!

Dear Azami: Let’s Do Some Processing

The Processors are invading, and with them comes a number of new and excellent synergies! See Jess apply them in some great new ways before Grand Prix Atlanta’s Commander Celebration!

Dear Azami: Upgrade Complete

The upgrades you can make to a Commander deck without wrecking your budget are amazing. Check out what Jess is able to do with a Jund deck for only a few bucks! And don’t forget to pack your 100-card brews for Grand Prix Atlanta!