AuthorJess Stirba

Jess Stirba lives in Brooklyn, NY and has been playing Magic: the Gathering since the dark ages. While she's flirted with competitive Magic here and there, Commander is her true love. That love grew half out the friendships and conversations you can develop across the game table, and half from the creativity one can channel when brewing in the format. A specialist in quick fixes and alternate victory conditions, Jess will generally choose synergistic fun over raw power.

Dear Azami: Five-Color Angels

Sure, most Angels are white, but why stop there? This week’s Dear Azami shows you how to fly to victory with a fancier take on one of Magic’s most celebrated tribes!

Dear Azami: Friendly Foes

In a surprise twist, Jess takes a reader submission for the first time of a deck that has actually beaten her in a spectacularly memorable fashion and improves it in the spirit of that awesome play’s memory.

Dear Azami: Cutting Down

This week on Dear Azami, Jess takes on a reader’s overflowing Prime Speaker Zegana deck – there are so many good options available that this week’s reader couldn’t choose just 99!

Dear Azami: Reconciling Differences

What do you do when you have two decks you’re only having half as much fun with as you used to? Combine them into one new deck and have even more fun than ever before! Jess answers the call to marry a reader’s Animar, Soul of Elements to Karn, Silver Golem!

Dear Azami: Parley Vous Jetons?

Parley is a powerful mechanic in Commander, and strapping that ability to your Commander will drastically shift the flow of the game as card advantage goes all around the table. Jess Stirba works on one of her favorite Commaners: Selvala, Explorer Returned!

Dear Azami: You Gotta Pay The Troll Toll

Want to extort your enemies? Want to grind them into oblivion using one of the most popular guilds from Ravnica? Jess shows you how to properly wheel and deal with the Church of Deals in Commander!

Dear Azami: Sarkhan’s Scion

Dragon decks have been flying around Standard and Commander since Dragons of Tarkir first hit the scene! Now, Jess is helping one reader take their Dragon tribal deck to the next level!

Dear Azami: Lucky # 199

Great hearts think alike! Follow along as Jess Stirba shows one lucky reader how to donate and dominate using their new Commander deck!

Dear Azami: Shaggy Little Yetis

The number of Goblins in Magic is exceeded only by the crazy amount of things you can do with them. See what Jess Stirba is doing with them in this week’s shenanigans-infused Dear Azami!

Dear Azami: Gods And Dragons

With Dragons of Tarkir on the march, it’s time to start incorporating the tribe of tribes into our Commander builds! Jess Stirba does just that in this week’s Dear Azami!

Dear Azami: Jumping With Jhoira

You don’t have to be afraid to wield a taboo commander, you just have to know how to use it properly! Jess returns this week to help a reader unsuspend Jhoira’s greatness properly!