AuthorJess Stirba

Jess Stirba lives in Brooklyn, NY and has been playing Magic: the Gathering since the dark ages. While she's flirted with competitive Magic here and there, Commander is her true love. That love grew half out the friendships and conversations you can develop across the game table, and half from the creativity one can channel when brewing in the format. A specialist in quick fixes and alternate victory conditions, Jess will generally choose synergistic fun over raw power.

Dear Azami: Delvers Of The Deep

Jess Stirba knows that the people want more of what the great Golden Fang has to offer! See Jess help one reader take a Tasigur Commander deck to the next level without breaking the bank!

Dear Azami: A Tribe Called Counters

Is there anything more enjoyable than putting infinite counters all over your army? One reader doesn’t think so! See Jess help decorate the battlefield with dice and aggression in this week’s Dear Azami!

Dear Azami: Zurg Rush!

Zur the Enchanter is one of the most despised generals around. So how do we learn to love one so hated? Jess Stirba returns to tell you how to enjoy Zur without catching the contempt of everyone else at the table!

Dear Azami: The Gift Deck

It’s the holidays! What better way to spend your time than discovering the joys of giving a fellow Commander player a great list? See how Jess took a budget build with super powerful cards and made it into the ultimate stocking stuffer!

Dear Azami: Ghoulish Girl Power

Innistrad was one of the greatest blocks of all time, and revisiting the plane in Commander 2014 has been beyond sweet! Dear Azami heads to the plane to throw together a shambling, flesh-eating mischief maker for Gisa and her ghouls!

Dear Azami: Geralf Goes Fishing

Jess Stirba and her readers long for a day off; that special day where you can forget about finding foil Mana Reflections and hating out the local player who kills on turn 1 with Hermit Druid. That’s right. It’s time to leave your Commander cares behind you. It’s time to go fishing.

Dear Azami: Walk This Way, Part 2

Last week, Sean covered the white, black, and green decks of Commander 2014. It’s Jess’s turn this week, and she tinkers with the blue and red decks to create fun new builds on a budget!

Dear Azami: Imagine Dragons

One of the Khans in particular has gotten a little too much grief for not exploding onto the scene the way the others have. Fortunately, Jess is here to provide the Khan in question with plenty of friends and ammo!

Dear Azami: Upgrade Complete!

There are so many new great cards lying around for Standard these days, why not use them for Commander too? Jess overhauls an Abzan classic with a modern touch in this week’s Dear Azami!

Dear Azami: White’s Bite

Mono-colored Commander decks can be incredibly difficult to dial in. Fortunately, Jess has a host of solutions that are easy on the wallet! Check out the latest Dear Azami!

Dear Azami: Metalwhaaaat?!

Now that Metalworker has re-entered the Commander fray, Jess has a reader that wants to put it to good use! Check out how well Metalworker fits into this artifact-based monster!

Dear Azami: Pay To Play

Flavor is pretty huge in Commander, but is it more important than playing reasonably powered cards? Jess finds the perfect harmony between those two things, as well as life and death, in this week’s Dear Azami!

Dear Azami: Mad For Mirrors!

Is there a more fun zone in Commander than the graveyard? How do you configure a deck to maximize the graveyard? Look no further as Jess shows just how much fun dead stuff can be by using some underrated Commander cards!

Dear Azami: Let’s Have A Ball!

In this week’s Dear Azami, Jess takes a tribal deck on the fringes of greatness and tweaks it to give it that extra swarming something to really take off!

Dear Azami: It’s Hip To Be Squared

On this edition of Dear Azami, a troubled X-spell addict needs some advice on a Rosheen Meanderer build. Our latest guest author has just the thing to fix that list up… if you like what you’ve read, let us know in the forums!