Too Much Information – The 2009s

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Wednesday, December 9th – In the first installment of a new regular feature on StarCityGames.com, Events Manager Jared Sylva brings you a comprehensive look at the Virginia and West Virginia 2009s Championships. Here€™s all of the information that you need to break down the tournaments and draw your own conclusions. Get the info, do the math, and get a leg up!

As the StarCityGames.com Events Manager, I have access to a lot of decklists. I’ve always felt that it was a waste to toss the extra lists at the end of the day without anyone getting a chance to mine that huge source of information. So I started thinking about ways to work with the decklists, to put them in a manageable format. The first step was to bring together all of the archetypes, then put them together with the final standings. That worked for a few tournaments, and even let me put together an article on one of our double PTQ weekends, but I still wanted to do more… and this is the result.

In each Excel document, you will find:

A spreadsheet of all of the Players and the Archetypes that they played
A spreadsheet of the final standings with the Archetypes of each player
A spreadsheet for each round with results and Archetypes for every player
A spreadsheet of the Top 8 deck lists

All of the spreadsheets are sortable and I hope that you can all use them to great effect. I intend to keep putting these together, so let me know if there are any other features that you would like to see going forward and I will see if I can work them in.

The 2009s – West Virginia
The 2009s — Virginia

Also, in these articles, I intend to spotlight a deck outside of the Top 8 that deserves some attention. This week it is Brian Schnieder’s 16th place Ziggurat list from Virginia.

Round 1:
Won 2-1 – Weaver, Josh – Emeria’s Pledge

Round 2:
Lost 1-2 – McCauley, Arthur – Vampires

Round 3:
Won 2-0 – Kerr, James – 5 Color Seas

Round 4:
Won 2-0 – Kirtley, David L – Jund

Round 5:
Lost 1-2 – Debrosky, Eric C – Bant

Round 6:
Won 2-0 – Cross, Joshua S – Bant

Round 7:
Won 2-0 – Chatham, Charles E – Naya

Round 8:
Won 2-0 – Stickles, Josh – Boros Bushwhacker

Brian brought five colors and a lot of guys to the table. If it costs three different colors and can kick some tail, it’s here. With 2-0 (4-0 in games) records against the Jund and Boros Bushwhacker decks that he faced, this deck may be worth a second look. Brian’s 6-2 record in the Swiss shows that there is such a thing as Five-Color Aggro.

I’m looking forward to the forums. See you there!