Too Much Information – St. Louis Legacy Open

Monday, December 14th – With a wide open format like Legacy, the more information you have the better. Jared brings you the complete breakdown of the St. Louis event!

Legacy certainly has its own following, as 48 players that did not play in the Standard Open on Saturday made their way to the Gateway Center for the Legacy Open on Sunday. However, 20 of the 32 players who made the Top 16 either day played in both events, including both winners, seven of the eight Top 4 competitors, and the entire Top 8 of the Legacy event. It looks like it pays to stay in the Magic mindset all weekend.

Legacy certainly brings a lot of archetypes to the table, with 41 in the Sunday field (one for every 3.12 players) compared to 55 archetypes in the Standard event (one for every 5.73 players) more than twice the size. Without a clear juggernaut to force the format, it is much more likely that you can find a top tier deck to fit your style.

Too Much Information — StarCityGames.com Legacy Open — St. Louis

For our deck spotlight, let’s look at Jory Brodzinski’s 20th place Dragon Stompy deck:

Round 1: Defeated Evagreen, 2-0
Round 2: Lost to Landstill, 0-2
Round 3: Defeated Dredge, 2-0
Round 4: Defeated StifleNaught, 2-0
Round 5: Lost to Burn, 0-2
Round 6: Defeated Hulk, 2-0
Round 7: Defeated Zoo, 2-0

Threats, disruption, and consistency are quite potent in a format full of shaky manabases and fragile combos. This is a pretty simple deck to play, as knowing what to set Chalice of the Void to in different matchups is the most difficult choice. Seething Song and Simian Spirit Guide help to get threats and disruption down early before an opponent can get their plan online.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Los Angeles!