Grand Prix Charlotte: 1 Day Out! GP Coverage

The GP Charlotte festivities kick off Friday, June 12! Meet the coverage personalities who will be on-hand at the Grand Prix and how you can enjoy the #GPCharlotte action wherever you are!

Grand Prix Charlotte is a day away! If you haven’t preregistered for it yet, there is no better time than the

Grand Prix Charlotte is going to be a blast, but sometimes life gets in the way of playing in one of the sweetest Magic events of the year. Fortunately,
SCGLive will be on hand broadcasting the Modern action all weekend long! As part of the coverage team for SCGLive, I’m here to preview what’s going to be
served up on stream.

First, let’s start with the best broadcast team in the game.

Cedric P. & Patrick S.

Cedric Phillips and Patrick Sullivan will be calling all the action from the booth starting with Round 1. Not only will Cedric and Patrick be breaking down
all the matches, they’ll also host a pregame show at the start of the broadcast at 9:30 AM ET on Saturday! The pregame show will cover Modern’s history,
the evolution of the format’s banned list, and feature interviews with StarCityGames.com VS Video stars Brad Nelson, Todd Anderson, Brian Braun-Duin, Tom
Ross, and Chris VanMeter. For those lucky enough to make it to Charlotte, Cedric and Patrick will be available for a meet and greet from 4-6 PM ET on
Friday. This will be a great opportunity for Gold and Platinum registrants to get their SCGLive trading cards signed!

Cedric & Patrick Trading Cards

Of course, I’ll be in the Sideboard along with Ken Crocker, bringing you Deck Techs and interviews, along with text coverage of the many great feature
matches that can’t make it to video. SCGLive will also be bringing back Deck Primers like those we used at Grand Prix New Jersey. Our VS Video stars help out
with these helpful pieces for new viewers, explaining how popular archetypes operate in the format.

More coverage will be offered on the mothership for Magic: The Gathering with Adam Styborski and Corbin Hosler holding down the fort at Magic.wizards.com!

SCGLive has a lot dialed up for the broadcast this weekend and we hope you all enjoy it. We’re just as excited to bring you coverage of Grand Prix
Charlotte as you are to play in it or watch it. Catch the coverage starting at 9:30 AM ET on Saturday on http://www.twitch.tv/scglive! See everyone there!

Preregister for Grand Prix Charlotte now!

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